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IOS Connection issue [1]

More recently, I have been getting connection issues on the Asia server. Login screen displays connection error but after a few seconds allow me to log into game. However game play is very interrupted with connection issues and screen frozen midway. 

I had tried deleting and reuploading the game, updated all operational patches. My phone is a Samsung galaxy one note. 

It is not my ios version issue as I had been playing the game for a long time and this only happened recently and the issue comes and goes spontaneously by itself. I had reported this issue a few times in the past but without changing anything the game is ok again for a few weeks and then the issue returns. Could be server instability.

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    2022.05.09 10:59 (UTC+0)

    Same issue, using Android, Galaxy phone, Vodafone 5G and WiFi, Australia.  Only in past couple days.  No other issues noticed in other apps or online activity.  Almost unplayable with "Running Ras" appearing for 5-15s every minute or so.  If not resolved soon might be time for a break...

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