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Same AP points everywhere... [1]

I know that I won't get refunded or something....I was on the verge of getting 3 epic catalysts from side story mode in order to finish some molagora missions and I got one...but on every side story section and store I have the same amount of AP's...28...thank you! JinaHayato is the name in the game...I hope it's solved soon.

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    2022.05.07 11:33 (UTC+0)

    That's only for the UH,all AP you have gainied until this point is merged into one

    Before the update at 28.04 I had around 1k more or less per chapter in UH and after the update,the AP become over 10k in UH which I can use to buy things from every chapter in UH

    Also,sidestories don't give you AP

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