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Hwayoung Rebalance Suggestion [3]

  • DudeWat
  • 2022.05.07 01:07 (UTC+0)
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Hwayoung's S3 description reads as though it is supposed to be used to one-shot high hp units, however she still one-shots low hp units, making it so the best way to survive her S3 is to have even more hp than normal, which is a bit silly in my opinion. I fon't think it is fair that she gets to one-shot anything she wants with a skill that has such a low downtime.

I would change her S3 so that it didn't one-shot low hp units but still one-shots high hp ones (max hp, not current hp%). This can be done by lowering it's base dmg but increasing the dmg increase proportional to the target's hp (from up to 100% dmg increase to up to 200% for example, but with a 40% dmg reduction on base dmg).

Unlike other units with similar passives, her S2 gives 50% increased atk (Senya gets 30%). I think this makes her too easy to build when you then consider that she also doesn't want hp (but is compensated for it with a 30% crit dmg reduction), making the only stats she wants SPD,ATK and DEF. A unit being easy to build isnt really an issue, but when she has decently optimized gear she becomes too strong.
I think she is too tanky for a unit that has a 3 turn CD one-shot button that also cleanses and grants immunity, I would like for her barrier to have a lower scalling or for her dmg reduction to be lower.

Lastly if her S3 isn't changed to not one-shot low hp units, i would like for her S1 to not give her CR, she is already being built high spd, she doesn't need help lapping, especially with such a low CD on her S3.

Edit: Forgot to add that her S3 CD is way too low, could easily got +2 turns considering that her S1 gives her CR to help cycle it faster


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    2022.05.13 05:37 (UTC+0)

    Alternatively just make her def pen also scale the same way the damage scales with HP difference, up to the 100%. Maybe give it 20% by default. But this way she might not oneshot just every single unit under 18k hp if they have some def bulk.

    This is the only change I would do, everything else just punish people that actually don't want to play the generic speed nuker

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    작성자 2022.05.13 11:14 (UTC+0)


    That is true.

    Your suggestion is actually quite good, since her S3 would not oneshot units with about the same hp as her.

    I would prefer if she didn't deal over ~50% of their hp with S3, since her S1 already punishes units for having low defense with it's Uberius’s Tooth like proc, there's no need for her S3 to do the same imo. (the S3 should be concerned mostly with punishing high hp is what I mean)

    What do you think about her S3 cooldown?

    I think when compared to other single target nukers, like ml schuri (5 turn cd) her's is way too low. Her frequent use of S3 is only aggravated by her CR gain from S1, making her cycle it even faster. Adding 2 turns to it might be too much, but atleast one would be fair in imo (would extende the imunity durantion according to s3 cd)

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    2022.05.14 06:35 (UTC+0)

    True, adding 1 turn to her S3 wouldn't hurt too much. Even 2 isn't too bad imo since she can soul burn her s3.

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