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[Winners] Epic Seven’s 2nd Official Soundtrack Release Event [1162]

  • 2022.05.05 04:00 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 15918

Hello, Heirs.
This is GM Sez.

We would like to thank all the Heirs that have participated in this event.
We are very excited to announce the winners of the Epic Seven’s 2nd Official Soundtrack Release Event.

■ Epic Seven’s 2nd Official Soundtrack Release Event!
1> Eligibility: 30 Heirs who participated in the event
2> Prizes:

Prize Information
2022 April Fool’s Day Side Story 

Specialty Change to Magical Girl! No Longer a Saint. Mousepad(Randomly selected 30 Heirs who participated in the event )

■ Epic Seven’s 2nd Official Soundtrack Release Event – [Results]


3> Collecting Personal Information for Distribution of Prizes
- The prize winners will be requested to provide their personal information for the distribution of the rewards.
- Please provide the address of your residence using the form provided (address form may differ depending on region)
- Submission of Delivery Information: 5/17 (Tue) ~ 5/24 (Tue) 14:59 UTC

▶ Heirs residing in South Korea [Korean]
▶ Heirs residing in Japan [Japanese]
▶ Heirs residing outside South Korea, Japan [English]

※ Please note!

- This event was conducted in accordance with our [Event Regulations] as outlined in our official website.
- The winners have been selected randomly among all players who participated in this event.
- Some nicknames have been partially hidden to protect their personal information.
- Further instructions will be sent to each winner's in-game mailbox.
- Winners residing outside of South Korea should submit their information in English.
- Please submit valid/correct information to prevent any issues from occurring in the delivery process.
- Due to COVID-19, there may be a delay regarding delivery of the rewards or the type of reward can be changed.
- In countries where international deliveries are currently not permitted, the prizes will be delivered later after restrictions have been lifted.  

- A customs clearance fee may be levied on the prizes, and the prize will be returned if the recipient fails to pay the fee.

- Depending on the circumstances the reward may be changed into an in-game item with equivalent value or a different item.

- If you prefer to receive online rewards instead, please contact the STOVE Customer Service.

- Should you have any questions regarding the event, feel free to contact the STOVE Customer Service or visit the STOVE community.  

※ Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement
Smilegate Megaport requests your agreement to collect, process, and use your personal information to facilitate the delivery of the event reward.
Entry in the event will be considered as your consent to the collection of your personal information.
1) Purpose of Personal Information Collection: Item delivery
2) Personal Information Collected: Name, age, in-game Nickname, server, address, postal code, mobile phone number, tax identification number (CPF number) if you reside in Brazil
3) Retention of Personal Information and Period of Use: All personal information collected for inquiry response purposes will be destroyed 30 days after delivery is completed

4) Collection of the Personal Information Agreement: The entry in the event will be considered as your consent to the collection of your personal information

We’d like to thank all the Heirs who participated in this event!
Hope you all have a great day with Epic Seven!

Hello, Heirs! This is GM Sez

Following up to last year’s Epic Seven OST release in Dec, we are excited to announce the release of  Epic Seven’s 2nd official digital album! We thank you for all your love and support! ★

We have prepared 17 BGM tracks that will greatly enhance your Epic Seven journey in Orbis!

Check out Epic Seven’s 2nd original soundtrack digital album on Spotify, Apple Music and on many more popular music streaming platforms!  

※ The soundtracks on the YouTube Playlist are available for all and do not require an account or subscription

□■ Epic Seven’s 2nd Official Soundtrack release Event

[Event Schedule]
1. Period : 5/5(Thu) ~ 5/11(Wed)
2. How to participate
① Check out the Epic Seven OST on music streaming platforms!
② Leave your [Nickname/ Server/ Favorite track number Or track name] as a comment below.


2022 Apirl Fool’s Day Side Story Specialty Change to Magical Girl! No Longer a Saint.」 Mousepad (not sold individually, 30 Heirs from all servers)

[Winner's Announcement]

5/17 (Tue)

□■ Epic Seven 2nd Digital Soundtrack list!   

Track NumberTitleInformation
1The Sacred KingdomEpisode 1 'Ritania Continent' World map 
2A New BeginningEpisode 1 Battle
3An Honorable WarEpisode 1 Battle 
4The Heart of Sacred KingdomLabyrinth ' Tirel Castle’
5GodkillerEpisode 2 'Cidonia' Worldmap 
6SlayerEpisode 2 'Distorted Dimension' 
7Conqueror's Way (Lilias' Theme)Hero Lilias' Theme
8Northern Wind LandEpisode 3 'Eureka' Worldmap   
9Radiant Royal CapitalEpisode 3, chapter 1 'South Lefundos'
10Empty Puppet Show (Politis' Theme)Hero 'Politis' Theme
11The New DawnEpisode 4 'Natalon' Worldmap
12Open PortsEpisode 4 Chapter1 'South Theranhad'
13Girl of Fate (Adin's Theme)Hero Adin’s Theme
14Eulogy for a SaintSide Story 'Eulogy for a Saint' 
15Breathtaking MomentSide Story 「Seven Sweethearts」
 ~ Our First Spring~
16Fairy Tale for a Snowy DaySide Story 'Fairy Tale for a Snowy Day'
17Dangerous Truth Side Story 'Game of Princes'

[Please Note!] 

- Comments that do not include accurate [Nickname/Server] information will not count towards this event.
- Any comments that have no relation to the event or are against our policy will be deleted without prior notice.
- Each player can participate in the event once per account. Leaving multiple comments will not affect the player's winning odds
(Leaving multiple comments on STOVE communities in different languages will not count towards this event.)
- Only Heirs age 16 and above can participate in this event. Prize winners will be asked to provide their personal information such as their name, address, and phone number for prize delivery via 1:1 inquiry.
- For more details about our event policy, please visit our [Event Regulations] page.

We look forward to all the love and interest our Heirs will show towards this OST, and we hope you have a great journey in the world of Epic Seven with our music!

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    2022.05.05 04:10 (UTC+0)

    Genoverse/Asia/Slayer (Track 6)

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    2022.05.05 04:14 (UTC+0)


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    2022.05.05 04:14 (UTC+0)

    MrSpoon / Asia / 7

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    2022.05.05 04:15 (UTC+0)

    meongenus/Asia/Empty Puppet Show (Politis' Theme) 

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    2022.05.05 04:16 (UTC+0)

    Rudgur / Global / An Honorable War

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    2022.05.05 04:19 (UTC+0)

    JinnLelouch/Asia/Slayer (Track 6)

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    2022.05.05 04:21 (UTC+0)

    KaineLOK/ Global/ Slayer

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    2022.05.05 04:26 (UTC+0)

    Mitsukina/Global/Dangerous Truth

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    2022.05.05 04:27 (UTC+0)

    ObedMarsh/Global/The Sacred Kingdom

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    2022.05.05 04:27 (UTC+0)


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    2022.05.05 04:27 (UTC+0)

    VexhajVizsla/Global/Slayer (track number 6)

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    Weycker/Global/Fairy Tale for a Snowy Day

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