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[New/Returning Heir Tip] [Advent] [Asia / borpee / Epic Hell]

(No ML 5 needed)

Phase 1
Iseral - speed effectiveness. apply defense break on the boss.
Celine -Crit Damage, Pen. Counter when boss use non-attack skill.
Violet - Lifesteal, Pen. Counter whenever the boss misses.
Phase1 is kinda walk in the park.

Phase 2 (RNG)
Bal Sezan - Speed Effectivess. First to go first. His S3 can apply 3 debuff on boss.
Elphelt - Speed Effectiveness + Song of Star Artifact. Help with def break just in case Bal didnt apply.
Melissa - Rage and Pen. S3 then S2.

Phase 2 you have to attack the boss 4 times when the boss has 3 debuffs or more. So this is most RNG part. Even though my Bal and Elphelt has 100%+ effectiveness. It still sometimes applies less than 2 debuffs to the boss. YOU HAVE TO REMOVE THE COUNTER BUFF FROM THE BOSS OR ELSE PHASE 3 IS A SURE LOSE. IF YOU FAIL TO APPLY 3 DEBUFFS ON THE BOSS.... RESTART!

Phase 3 - Burst
Hazel - Speed health - She has to be the fastest so that she can apply Greater Attack for the whole team.
Cermia - Attack/Critdamage,Pen. She's ust there to do a huge damage and the boss literally one shot her.
Hwayoung - Speed and as high attack as possible. SHES MVP. see how she GAP the boss. Use soulburn for that extra turn.

Overall, this boss is so much easier than the previous two bosses!


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