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[New/Returning Heir Tip] [Advent] [Global / KaiserXVI / Epic Hell]

Phase 1 :

Key Hero - Senya that receive special debuff from boss that target highest atk stat hero and she can clear it with her non-attack skill from passive ability every 2 turns. 

DPS Hero - Celine, Good dps because she can clean some debuff for herself and proc skill 2 when boss or small enemy use non-attack skill and yeah use should use exclusive equipment that highest atk target for more damage dealer. 

Support Hero - Rin, she can heal, dispel debuff, earn more 1 buff for team (need for clearing boss's special buff) and she can armor break with her skill 2 that good for my Celine.

Tips : If we set these characters, we won't worry about boss's special skill anymore in this phase. Just focus to attack boss and use Senya or Rin that already buffed to attacking small enemy for clearing boss's special buff (attack 4 times).

Phase 2 :

Key Hero - Baal & Sezan the best aoe debuff dealer and aoe dmg dealer. That have armor break for boost dmg for DPS hero. He's the Key hero because we need to dispel 2nd boss's special buff. 

DPS Hero - Jack-O' when you use debuff dealer you will miss her :) when she meet debuffed target, she can deal great dmg with single combo. Twice for S1 and Big hit for S3 but this time I only use S1. 

Super-sub Hero - Summertime Iseria, why I chose her. Because she can place more debuffs with easily spamming S1 boost CR when Baal&Sezan use his AOE skill. We need single atk hero and more debuff hero and yeah!! fire hero for 40% buff HP from this battle rule. :)

Tips : If 1st special buff not dispel, Boss will decrease cooldown 3 turn all ally when attacked. So, I need to clear 2nd special buff for phase 3 that we have to use single attack when boss suffers 3 or more debuffs and yeah you already known why I chose them :) Firstly, start the battle with spamming debuff dealer (Baal&Sezan & Summertime Iseria) for max debuffs then Jack-O' time!! Kick kick and spin kick. you can finish this phase with short time. 

Phase 3 :

Key hero - Straze...... OK, I think you've already known why. He's like Super man or Saitama for me, you know? You should build your straze for the best dps with rage set. 

2-Support heroes - Sinful Angelica and All-rounder Wanda, with dark team for 40% ATK buff. I need heroes that clean debuff and ATK buff for my Straze and set the target debuff to boss too.
*** if you don't have Straze. You can use Hwayoung, Cermia and Achates or set team that without debuff, counter attack, or extra attack.

Tips: If 2nd special buff not dispel, boss will counter with a basic skill when attacked. OK, I think you can automatically it. and done!!

Thank you for reading my tips & good luck :) 

Ps. If you still confuse about how I explain, try to watch my video link. 

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