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Developer Notes


Developer Notes

Epic Seven 2022 Major Awaken Update [107]

Hello Heirs!
This is GM Dominiel.

Today, we announced the 2022 Epic Seven Major Awaken Update through the community.

We would like to thank all our Heirs who joined through Youtube. 

We have prepared this based on the valuable opinions of our Heirs on hero acquisition improvements, reducing the level of difficulty for hunts, lack of Moragora, World Arena and Balances, Equipment farming, PC environment, and commercializing IP. 

Once again, we thank all the Heirs for their valuable opinions. The content of the update have been simultaneously revealed through a video, but in order for more Heirs to check the details, we will introduce the Awaken Update. 

1. 2022 Epic Seven Business Direction Notice 

Hello, Heirs. 

We would like to express our gratitude for the love and interest you all have shown in Epic Seven. 

At this point, we will introduce the business direction of Epic Seven in 2022 through the Awaken campaign. 

■ e-Sports

First, we will introduce E7WC’s E-Sports. 

In 2021, Epic Seven’s E-sports competition was held for the first time with Heirs around the world under the name of the Epic Seven World Championship through Epic Festival 2021. With all the support from our Heirs for E7WC 2021, we are planning for more improvements this year. 

E7WC will have a new logo, a bigger prize pool, and the best commentators for E-sports. We would like to give a memorable experience to the Heirs who will participate in the competition and to the viewers as well. 

[ E7WC 2022 Logo & Trophy]

The E7WC 2022 logo will have a visual interpretation of the symbol of the “Sanctuary,” which is the symbol of Epic Seven, “Wings,” the metaphor of victory, and “Trophy,” which symbolizes competition, battle, and victory.  

The Heirs who win the final of E7WC 2022 will receive an actual trophy along with a prize pool. 

[Experts in E-sport and an Increased Prize Money and Competition]

A total prize of 100,000 USD!

E7WC has expanded the size of the competition and increased the prize pool twice compared to last year. 

It will be more important to run a professional competition as it is on a larger scale. 

For the operation, Epic Seven plans to work with VSPN Korea, one of the world’s best E-sports operators. We would like to provide professional commentary by working with the best commentators. 

We hope to meet the upgraded E7WC 2022 with e-Sport experts. 


Based on the experience of E7WC 2021 held last year, we thought about various ways to maximize the enjoyment when watching the competition. In this competition, we plan to provide a specially designed broadcast so that Heirs are fully immersed while watching the competition.

When the competition begins, you can check the team composition of each player, including rank information of the pre-banned and participating heroes. And predict the winner through the broadcast. 

In addition, information related to skill cooldown, combat readiness, and battle frenzy will also be displayed on the broadcast which will grab more attention for the viewers. 

Lastly, once the battle is over, the result will show the contribution of each hero, so you check the MVP as well. 

[World Arena Creator Competition]

In the second quarter, we are preparing a “World Arena Creator Competition” through live broadcast, which will be held simultaneously with E7WC 2022.  

We ask for a lot of interest and participation for the World Arena Creator Event Competition with diverse content creators (influencers). 

Details for E7WC 2022 will be announced in a separate notice along with applications. We would like to ask for the interest and participation of all our Heirs. 

■ Event

Epic Seven held various regular events during the last service period. However, we understand that our Heirs have been on the fence about the game's overall immersion and enjoyment, with the convoluted UI adding more fuel to that fire.

Ultimately, we have concluded that we must readjust our approach to events in order to deliver improved events that will enhance gameplay and grant our Heirs more rewards.

[Event UI Adjustments]

First and foremost, all running events will be moved over into a single event window so that they can all be viewed in one place.

Various icons that were placed in the lobby will be integrated into one icon, and if there is an event for Heirs to earn rewards, you could check the progress through the red dot notification displayed on the event icon then simply participate in the event. 

On the merged event page, you can simply check events that will distribute rewards from check-in events, as well as connect to STOVE, and official SNS. 

This will be available after the update on 3/17(Thu) 

[Special Event]

In April, along with the Awaken update, there will be additional special events. 

① Get 5★ heroes for free! Hero Support Event 

In order for our Heirs to quickly conquer the RGB Hunts, certain special Heroes are required.

A “Hero Support Event’ will be held to quickly adjust both new and returning Heirs,as well as to strengthen our experienced Heirs, You can acquire one of the widely used 5★ heroes which are used in hunts from each element. Also, to help the growth of the hero, you can acquire 36x MolaGora, wisdom’s gaze for exclusive equipment, daydream joker, etc. 

Please participate in the hunts with the 5★ heroes who will be strong supporters.

② Challenge! MolaGora Event 

Second, we would like to introduce the Molagora event. Earlier we told you about the 36 molgaora’s that can be obtained through the “Hero Support Event.” 

Following that, “Molagora Challenge Event” will be available and if you clear each mission, a variety of rewards will be given out including molagora.  

Once you complete “Molagora Challenge Event,” you can acquire a total of 66 molagora. 

Through the two special events above, Heirs will be able to acquire a total of 100+ molagora. The special event will be held sequentially along with the Awaken update in April for all new/existing Heirs. 

[ Web Banner Event]

Lastly, the web banner, which has been held every 3 weeks, has been completely adjusted. 

Starting from the Hero Growth Event (Link) which was introduced last October, this year’s event will be opened. 

In addition, various special seasons and updates will be prepared so please look forward to it. 

■ Collaboration and Partnerships 


To continue, we would like to talk about collaborations.

Until now, Epic Seven has been collaborating with diverse IPs. 

This year, we plan to introduce new and more various forms of collaboration to our Heirs. 

We plan to cooperate with IPs that can be loved by all our Heirs. 

However, in the case of collaboration, the date of release can only be determined through discussion with the IP holder, so please understand that we can not announce it in advance. 

In addition to the new IP, we will provide information in advance for existing IPs and the schedule. 

Please look forward to Epic Seven’s collaboration for 2022. 


In 2021, we had a partnership with Amazon through Amazon Prime promotion. This year, the Twitch Drop was held in February, and starting with this, we are preparing diverse partnerships with global companies.

We plan to support Epic Seven on new platforms like Facebook Gaming, Amazon App Store, and Google Play Games on PC, which will allow Epic Seven in a PC environment through partnerships with global companies, starting with Apple M1 support that was updated in March of last year. 

■ Epic Seven IP Utilization Business 

Lastly, we would like to introduce the business content using Epic Seven’s IP.

The current  IP business content can be divided into three major categories. 

[IP Commercialization]

First, the most important IP business is the commercialization sector. 

Currently, we are preparing a novel using Epic Seven’s IP. 

The web novel is being produced in the form of a side story, and to ensure its high level of quality, a dedicated department has been placed with professional writers. The Epic Seven novel is currently being written, and we aim to present it to our Heirs in several languages, starting with Korean as of this year.  

However, we ask for your understanding that this may change depending on various variables such as the platform inspection schedule for the web novel service and securing a schedule for translation. 

We will do our best to present work that can be enjoyed by our Heirs. 

[IP Content]

Second, we would like to introduce the IP content sector. We are preparing a secondary creation using Epic Seven IP as a means of communicating with our Heirs through the community. 

①  4-Cut Comics

We enjoy watching the 4-Cut Comics that many of our Heirs create and post to the community. In addition, we are aware that our Heirs are waiting for an official 4-Cut Comics. Accordingly, we are in review for a professional 4-Cut Comic. 

We hope to provide all of you with interesting stories. 

② XR technology 

In December 2021, a special broadcast of Epic Seven was held in a studio using XR technology. This year, we plan to go a step further and provide a new experience for our Heirs by incorporating XR technology into broadcasting.

We are preparing the 3D graphic designs of game characters so they could appear on the broadcast as if they were real Epic Seven heroes. We will do our best to prepare these heroes so that they can be seen in a live broadcast.  

We will work harder to prepare and present it so that it can be a special experience for many Heirs in Korea as well as around the world.

[ Epic Seven IP expansion and upgrade]


We are planning to create an Epic Seven worldview video that summarizes the story so far. Because some have missed the story in the middle or skipped the video for quicker play. Therefore, some Heirs are curious about the in-game relationships between heroes of Epic Seven. In addition, we plan to produce and distribute a summary of the worldview video for the Heirs who would like to see the story of Epic Seven again. Through this, we plan to ensure that anyone can understand the story of Epic Seven and enjoy the game. We expect that this will be helpful to our Heirs who play Epic Seven and feel more affectionate towards the game by being immersed to the worldview.  

Official OST and PV production 

The first OST, “I’ll Be Your Energy” by a K-pop idol was released back in January and has received a lot of attention. The second song is being prepared and I hope to be released soon. Lastly, in the first half of this year, we are working to introduce a new PV video produced in line with the OST. Please look forward to Epic Seven’s OST and PV. 

So far, we have introduced Epic Seven’s business direction for 2022.

In addition to the content introduced through this broadcast, all our staffs will do our best to provide an upgraded service. 

Please continue to watch it! 

Thank You

2. Epic Seven In-game Update Announcement

Hello Heirs. 

Next, we will introduce the in-game update that Epic Seven is preparing for 2022.

■ Hero Acquisition Adjustments 

The first topic that we would like to mention is the Hero acquisition adjustments. 

In addition to Epic Seven’s 2022 business direction, we would like to introduce mainly the improvement of acquiring Moonlight Heroes. 

[ Moonlight Hero Acquisition Adjustments ]

You will be able to acquire 4★~5★ Moonlight Heroes for free for every 30 Moonlight Summons. 

This free summon will also be cumulatively applied from the start of your Epic Seven until the point before the actual update. According to the number of Moonlight Summons done by each Heir, 4-5★ Moonlight Summon Tickets will be sent to your mailbox for every 30 Moonlight Summons. 

- Cumulated number applied: Start of Epic Seven ~ 04/14(Thu) 2:59(UTC)

- How to check the number of your Moonlight Summon: We plan to provide information through Customer Service’s Chatbot. (Will be announced later)

Moonlight Summon Adjustments  will be applied after the update on 4/14(Thu) 

[ Mystic Summon Adjustments ]

Here are some adjustments for Mystic Summon. 

In the current lineup for Moonlight Summon, ★5 Moonlight Heroes will appear for 3 weeks, and the existing heroes will appear for the other three weeks. 

After the Mystic Summon Adjustments, if the existing hero appears in the Mystic Summon, 3 types of 5★ Moonlight Heroes will be released at the same time and among them, you can select the one you desire. 

Also, if the number of Mystic Summons reaches 200, the 5★ Moonlight Heroes confirmation rule will stay the same.  Therefore, even if you change the 5★ hero reward during the summon, you can use the chance to win the 5★ Moonlight Hero. 

After the Moonlight Heroes were released, there was a problem of not giving a chance to summon them. We apologize to all the Heirs who have been waiting for a long time. 

In the meantime, the Mystic Summon Adjustment is scheduled to be applied 4/28(Thu) Awaken Update. Heroes who have not been re-summoned will be collectively summoned 1 year after the release. During this period,  new Moonlight Heroes will not be released, and balance stabilization will be our top priority as the New Season for World Arena progresses. As for a big change in the Mystic Summon lineup, we will be releasing the lineup for 3 months after the Awaken Update on 4/28(Thu) where you can see the preview. 

[Mystic Summon Lineup Preview]

At the same update during 4/28 (Thu) for Mystic Summon, heroes that have never been re-released since their first appearance will begin will re-vamp. 

Among them, Maid Chloe has been summoned more than twice before but has been included for the Mystic Summon lineup, because she is the main character of the World Arena Skin that runs at the same time. 

After that, from 7/21(Thu) new 5★ Moonlight Heroe Forest Sage Vivian will appear for 3 weeks with a new Moonlight Hero then 3 existing Moonlight Heroes will be rotated.

We deeply apologize for stopping the release of the new Moonlight Heroes for a while. 

In addition, to all the waits, we will do our best to improve the balance and prepare the new Moonlight Hero more thoroughly before presenting it to our Heirs. 

[ Custom Group Summons ]

You will be able to meet the Custom Group Summon, which was previously introduced through a special broadcast on 2/16 (Wed), from 4/21 (Thu).

The Custom Group Summon is a system that will allow our Heirs to proceed in summoning three 5★ Heroes of their choice.

The conditions for the target heroes are:

① The target Heroes are Limited and Covenant Heroes that have had at least 1 rerun but have not had a banner in the last 6 months.

② How Custom Group Summons Work

- Hero Availability Criteria: Has had 1 rerun & it has been at least 6 months since release (Collaboration units are not included)

- Limited Heroes: Luna, Diene, Landy, Seaside Bellona, Holiday Yufine, Tenebria

Not only the 5★ hero you select, the 5★ artifacts are also included. 

For example, if you choose Tamarinne, the Idol's Cheer Artifact will be included as a target. When you summon via the Custom Group, every summon will award you with 1 Star's Mirage Coin, and with these, you can acquire the selected Hero or Artifact.

During this period, the "Custom Group Summon" that was previously announced will begin on April 21 until 5/19(Thu) for four weeks and the details are below. 

- Unlock Condition: Clearing Shrieking Hall Episode 1 Chapter 10 10-10 - How to use: 

   ① Achieve to unlock condition

   ② Select three 5★ heroes within the period

   ③ Start Custom Group Summon

   ④ Group Summon for 3 Heroes of your choice for 2 weeks from the start of Custom Group Summon

More details for Custom Group Summon will be announced in a separate notice. 

[ Custom Mystic Summon ]

In addition to the 12 heroes revealed through the Mystic Summon lineup above, I think there will be many more heroes that you want to be summoned. Therefore, we have prepared the Custom Moonlight Summon system.

The Custom Mystic Summon is a system that allows you to choose the 5★ & 4★ Moonlight Hero you desire to summon.Summoning will cost Mystic Medals. Moon's Mirage Coins can be used to purchase Heroes

When you summon, you will receive "Moon's Mirage Coins" and with these, you can assuredly summon the Hero

that you desire via the exchange shop.

- Custom Mystic Summon Schedule : 4/28(Thu) after update ~ 7/21(Thu)

- Custom Mystic Summon Target: Both 4★ & 5★ Moonlight Heroes whose banners ended at least 6 months ago will be available to choose to summon.This summoning event will take place starting April 28th and ending July 21st.

The Custom Mystic Summon is available twice during the duration.

More detailed information will be given via a separate announcement.

Starting with the Awaken update on April 28th until July 21st, we hope that our Heirs can meet the Heroes that they have desired after checking the upcoming lineups during the Custom Moonlight Summon that brings back the existing 5★ Moonlight Heroes.

■ World Arena

The next topic will be about the World Arena and its upcoming balance adjustments.

With Epic Seven's plethora of Heroes and Artifacts, there can be, should be, and must be various amounts of party formations and strategies.

However, in World Arena, there is currently a lack of diversity due to the overwhelmingly powerful compositions of Arena-focused Heroes, and this has become an increasingly aggravated problem.

Once again, due to the bias of Arena-focused Heroes in World Arena and the power inflation brought on by newly released units, we apologize to all the Heirs that have been discouraged.

This is the impending operational game plan for World Arena.

[ Prebans ]

First off, the pre-ban selection in World Arena will be increased from 1 to 2.

While this is a measure to counteract the increasing amount of Heroes, it is also meant to alleviate the pressure of Arena-focused Heroes.

However, since the increase in pre-bans can discourage those that do not have a sufficient amount of built Heroes,the increased pre-bans will only be in effect in Champion League and above.

Will be applied after the 3/31 (Thu) Update. 

[ Battle Frenzy Revamp ]

Secondly, we have the Battle Frenzy adjustment.

The current Battle Frenzy effect is meant to keep battles from extending too long. Starting next season, Battle Frenzy will retain this effect,  and an extra effect will be added to further reduce the bias of Arena-focused Heroes in order to balance the meta.

The newly adjusted Battle Frenzy is planned to be added on March 17th during the preseason and will be formally implemented on March 31st, the start of our next season, after receiving feedback from our Heirs. If this change does not receive the expected results, we will rework this change even if the next March 31st season has to be delayed.

The planned changes to the effect we have for now are as follows. Our goal is to give Heroes and classes that have scarcely seen the light of World Arena an advantage while keeping the currently used units from losing their place too rapidly. This new effect added to Battle Frenzy will in the short run greatly help analyze the optimal units that require balance adjustments, and in the long run, it will help set up diversity for future seasons due to the seasonal changes the Hero or class advantages will go through. Rather than being stuck in a specific meta with this cycling per season, we look forward to seeing an increasingly diverse roster of Heroes in World Arena.

[ E7WC Mode]

Next is the E7WC mode.

This mode will have the same ruleset as that of the upcoming E7WC 2022 Championship, and will introduce the highest echelon of PvP with its cumulative pre-banning mechanics. In order to accentuate this new tier of difficulty, there will be strict restrictions in place, such as an eligibility floor and a limit to the number of entrances.

This mode will be unlocked for those that have reached the Champion League at least once during the new season of World Arena.

Those with the highest ranks in this mode will be invited to the E7WC 2022 Championships, and others can also apply for the Championships via a separate announcement.

E7WC is for the top-ranked Heirs, therefore we are preparing honor rewards and achievement rewards as well. 

[ Replay ]

During the latter half of the year, we plan to integrate a Replay option for World Arena.

With the Replay tab, Heirs will be able to rewatch their past battles, and also share the replays to others via the in-game chat or other exterior links. Additionally, Heirs can also watch the replays of their friends and Guild members, as well as their favorite players, all from a separate list. While allowing our highest-ranked Heirs to showcase their amazing battles,we hope to bring our Heirs this mechanic so that reviewing the replays will help both those that are not fully accustomed to World Arena, as well as their own playstyle.

[ 3 Team vs 3 Team ]

We are also introducing the new "3 Team vs 3 Team" Arena mode.

This mode allows for 3 teams of 3 Heroes each to battle in Arena. The battle will progress in the order of allocation, and the Heir that wins two times will be the victor. In terms of the party formation and battle progression, we hope to bring you a new type of strategizing and excitement. This mode will be updated during the 3rd quarter.

■ Equipment Revamp

With the consistent increase in the Hero roster, we have been regarding the difficulty of acquiring equipment to be something that needs constant attention.

The most significant equipment acquisition difficulty revamp to this Awaken update will be Equipment's Crafting, Enhancing, and Management.

[ Equipment Crafting Mileage ]

To start, Equipment Crafting Mileage will be introduced.

The Mileage gauge will accumulate proportionally to the crafted equipment's level, and when the Mileage is completely filled, you may craft an Epic piece with the Set and part of your choosing.

With the arrival of the new Equipment Craft, we hope that our Heirs will have an easier time acquiring Equipment.

[ Equipment Enhancing QoL Revamp ]

Next is Equipment Enhancing.

When enhancing Equipment, the upgraded substats and their values will be easier to recognize. Additionally, the amount of enhancement materials slots will be increased, and up to 20 enhancement materials can be set at once. An automatic enhancing mechanic will allow Heirs to set the specific enhancement threshold they desire for the automatic enhancements. 

[ Core Equipment Increase ]

In order to increase the utility of unsatisfactory equipment, that is unused or just not up to standards, extracting these will reward roughly double the current amount of Cores. With this, the amount of charms craftable in the Alchemist's Steeple will increase twofold.

[ Equipment Management ]

Next is Equipment Management.

An auto-equip function will be added to Equipment Management.

When equipping equipment, Heirs will be able to choose their Set and Substats to equip the most optimal equipment with ease.

■ Adventure Revamp

The next topic will be the Adventure revamp.

[ Adventure Level Adjustments ]

In order for more of our Heirs to meet Adin, the new protagonist of Episode 4,We have decreased the overall difficulty of Episode 3, along with a portion of the Boss battles. The difficulty of Awakened Adin's missions in Episode 4 is also planned to be decreased so that more of our Heirs can enjoy progressing the story. We plan to actively adjust the difficulty of content as needed.

[ Urgent Mission Revamp ]

Along with this, improvements will be made to Urgent Missions.

Now, Urgent Missions will have their own unique stages, so that Heirs can immediately access Urgent Missions without leaving their current content. Because of this, the difficulty gap of Urgent Mission types that used to depend on the map it showed up in will also be pacified. Following these changes, Urgent Missions, like Goblin Gates and others, will see an increase in rewards so that there is/

more satisfaction in clearing these events.

[ Epilogue Adventure Points Integration ]

Next up is the main source of farming Catalysts. The Unrecorded History's Adventure Points will now be amalgamated. For example, the points acquired in Chapter 10 - East Taranor World of Unrecorded History can be used to purchase the Epic Catalyst Fighter Medal in Chapter 1 - Ezera. With this change, we aim to increase the liberty of farming Adventure Points to acquire Catalysts.

[ Story Diversification ]

Although Epic Seven has released new Episodes year on year, with the planned adjustments to the existing Episodes, as well as our Heir's requests on Moonlight Heroes' individual stories, we plan to put more focus on both story diversity and Moonlight Hero backstories.

First off, for the second quarter, we are working to remake the main Episode's Reingar story.

Then, the Moonlight Theater will be updated during the 3rd quarter.

Similar to the short glimpse of the Mystical Moonlight Theater that was shown in December 2020, Sage Baal & Sezan will tell the story of the various worlds that exist within Epic Seven. The Moonlight Theater will become permanent content like that of Unrecorded History and The Book of Memories, and will be consistently updated with the stories of the various worlds.

We plan to continue Episode 5 next year after sufficiently adjusting the current content.

■ Content Revamp & Expansion

The fifth topic is the overall content revamp and expansion.

[ Forest of Souls Revamp  ]

The Forest of Souls will be going through a complete overhaul. As seen on the screen, the Forest of Souls will be graphically redesigned, with hopes that this change offers more immersion when raising Penguins, Phantasma, and MolaGora.

Along with this, we will expand the Soul Isle limit, and each distinct region will have its own three slots to raise the respective Creatures.

First is the MolaGora Farm.

In the MolaGora Farm, Heirs can acquire one free MolaGora each week.

All current MolaGora seeds will be converted to full MolaGora, and Heirs will no longer need to grow MolaGora from their seeds anymore.

In the Spirit Well and Penguin Nest, a maximum of three Phantasma, and Penguins respectively can be nurtured at the same time, greatly enhancing their production.

The Growth Altar is a place where you can summon 10 Phantasma and Penguins at once.

It can be used to alleviate the uncomfortable wait in growing Creatures. With this revamp, we plan to offer more sources to receive the materials required to become more invested in raising Penguins, Phantasma, and MolaGora.

[ Grace of Unity  ]

Next up is the "Grace of Unity" system.

The basic factors for a Hero's growth, which are their Grade, Awakening, and Skill Enhancements, require an abundant amount of resources.

Because of this, players are often faced with the debacle of deciding who to raise next.

The Grace of Unity aims to alleviate some of this trouble by introducing a new method of raising Heroes.

When you place an experienced Hero with an inexperienced one within the Grace of Unity, the inexperienced Hero will acquire the growth tier equal to that of the experienced one.

However, if you switch the inexperienced Hero with another, the replaced Hero will lose these increased effects.

With the aim to enable our Heirs to utilize their Heroes if the choice in PvP and other content without consuming materials, we hope that the Grace of Unity can contribute in multiple ways to support our Heirs, such as planning Hero builds, giving more attention to Heroes that are being balanced, strategizing them for PvE teams, and much more.

[ Pet Generation Expansion ]

Pets will be able to reach their 5th Generation.

When Pets reach the 5th Generation, their Appearance will change, and their Affinity level can be increased to a maximum of 6. 

As Affinity levels increase, the Pets' individual skills will increase accordingly, and the maximum number of repeat battles will increase to 30.

Also, Battle Pets will receive a newly obtainable skill that allows them to acquire reforging materials.

The Pet Generation expansion will occur during the 2nd quarter, and with that update, all limited pets will be available again for summon.

However, this will not include collaboration Pets.

[ Hall of Trials Revamp ]

The Hall of Trials is a place where Heirs can obtain Exclusive Equipment with their 'Wisdom's Gaze' currency.

It is the only content that rewards players based on their ranking.

Due to this, on one side of the coin, newer Heirs have trouble gathering a sufficient amount of Wisdom's Gazes, while on the other side of that coin, more experienced Heirs have lost motivation to play it.

With the upcoming adjustments to the Hall of Trials, we aim to improve the Wisdom's Gaze gathering factor for early to mid-gamers and to increase motivation for those that are beyond mid-game by diversifying battles.

In response to the event revamp I brought up earlier, we plan to introduce events that will award additional Wisdom's Gaze and a system that gives out even more.

"Incomplete Fastus", a new boss that has new mechanics, will be added on 4/28 (Thu) update.

Also, new advantage and disadvantage conditions will be updated. 

In order to better optimize teams in accordance with these new advantage and disadvantage conditions, we will be adding in a new filter option that allows Heirs to filter Heroes based on their skill effects.

This filter will be available not only in the Hall of Trials but also in all other formation strategizing content.

A unique ranking system that is done in small groups will be updated.

This group ranking will be done by grouping Heirs of similar expected score ranges and will award additional rewards based on Heirs' ranks within those individual groups.

With similarly tiered competition and the rewards that follow, we hope that we can deliver more promising experiences.

[ Abyss Challenge Mode ]

Next is a new challenge mode for Abyss.

Abyss is Epic Seven's core PvE content that has been expanded to be 120 floors deep, offering challenging content and a one-time receivable reward.

Each year, we have introduced deeper floors for Abyss. However, this time around, instead of delving deeper into the Abyss, we have decided to introduce an entirely new mode that is accessible after reaching the 80th floor so that more of our Heirs can access the new content.

Similar to the existing Abyss, the new content will also give out one-time high-quality rewards for each clear. There will also be three missions that will come along with it.

While Heirs can receive their first clear rewards, they will also be able to receive many more rewards depending on the number of stars achieved for that floor.

Each floor will consume 3 Abyss entry tickets, and players may enter cleared floors without consuming any further currency, so that they may rechallenge the floor to clear the missions.

The new Abyss mode is slated to be updated during the 2nd quarter and will have 10 floors upon initial release, with more to follow with future updates.

[ Episode Related Content ]

We are also preparing new content that is related to Episodes..

① Cidonia Labyrinth

First off is the Labyrinth of Episode 2 - Cidonia.

The Cidonia Labyrinth will not be a Labyrinth in the format of a raid, but instead a one-time exploration-based Labyrinth that will be unlocked after clearing Episode 2.

The story follows the Cidonian Alliance's ruin explorations after the fall of Straze, and is slated to be introduced to everyone in the latter half of the year.

② Eastern Trading Ship

The next content is the Eastern Trading Ship.

After the 'Dawn of a New Era' episode of Episode 4's eastern Natalon continent, a trade route that sends routine voyages across the eastern continent will open up.

You can place Heroes and Pets on these trade ships and, to receive optimal rewards, appropriately enhanced Heroes and Pets will have to take part.

These have been the details of the Awaken Update.

All the names of the new content are prone to change by the time they are actually introduced into the game, so please excuse these potential future discrepancies.

Aside from all this, other information that was talked about via the broadcasts and balancing announcements such as the new Equipment Sets and the adjustment of existing ones, will be covered in the announcement that is planned to be released with the arrival of the update.

I sincerely thank all the Heirs that appreciate Epic Seven and have supported the game with constructive criticism.

Finally, I will end my presentation with an Epilogue Video that everyone has been looking forward to.

Thank you.

※ The contents introduced through this announcement are major updates for April and the upcoming updates.

※ The contents introduced through this announcement are still under development, and may change during the actual update

※ The update schedule may change depending on circumstances.


3. Awaken Update Celebration Surprise Reward

Thank you for all the support and love towards Epic Seven, and we will distribute a surprise reward for the celebration of the Awaken Update. 

- Distribution Period : 3/16 (Wed) 11:00 ~ 5/26 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

※ The rewards will be sent to your mailbox during the event period. (Storage Period: 7 Days)

※ If you are already logged into the game during the period, please reopen the app or move to the Lobby to receive the rewards.

In addition to <Awaken> Update, detailed information regarding Hero Ban/Pick data collected during the last World Arena seasons has been published via a Developer’s Note.

We would like to take it a step further to guide our players on the current progress of our balance adjustments and inform you of the issues we are looking into, as well as the improvements we are planning, in which we are using previous match data as the basis for our decisions.

▶ World Arena Conviction Season Infographic

We will do our best to find various ways through which we can communicate with our Heirs. 

That you for taking the time to read this. 

We will provide you with more details about each content when they are to be updated. 

We will strive to become the best Epic Seven team that provides you with the best gameplay experience.

Thank you.

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Exciting reveals! Thanks for the great care you always put into the game, Smilegate!


I feel like this missed the whole point yes updates is nice thats great and all but what about fixing annoying RNG on the equipment and what about guardian system its so pointless other guardians only one usable is Arky.


Another big update! Can't wait, get hypeeee!

Waiting 4 Equipment Management :^(

Fantastic updates, can't wait for these.

Phenomenal update for both F2P and P2P and general QOL; masterclass in player retention and revitalizing systems for game growth.

Omg, that's Schniel(Digitus) sprite in the midle. Are we going to get him?

Will actually reinstall and give a 5* review if you can start balancing units, by which i mean removing mechanics from kits.

Gonna make this brief, does anyone else feel like the mystic summon selection method is a bit odd in regards to having only certain units available for summon?
The goal of it was to connect heirs with their desired ML5, however the recent new ML5s Lionheart Cermia, ML Lilias and Ml celine(most recent and hard to obtain) will most likely not make the list because they fall in the 6 month period that smilegate excludes. To me it sounds very contradicting, what’s the harm in just adding all moonlights to the system?
imo i hope the scrap the grace 6 month period from the whole ordeal.

gotta step up your game on specialty change

still waiting on specialty change for celeste, otillie, mistychain, teiria, nenumas, mirsa and jena

i want to have function of exchange equipments between heroes in one go rather than filtering parameters

Idea: “lets give more ML 5* heroes and give them 4-5*ticket”

What will happen: “players summoning 10x 4* heroes”

Please increase repeat battles to 100 for pets


I love you even more!!!!!! ✨✨✨

Congrats! I appreciate all the efforts sg made especially in the gamification side, pretty much lit up the core of it. Ux wise, Design wise. I hope this fixed some holes for others coz for me It exceeded my expectation. Don't reply if you're toxic. Go play minecraft.


It took them 4 years to know we have a molagora problem . Genius. Most of the update would have been better if it was done 2 years ago... But it doesnt actually fix the core problem of this game.  Remove the equipping cost. And provide a stable way to atleast get charms. Increase the inventory space without actually moving boxes...  This update would have been good before when people are engaged to the game.  Im gonna put my verdict on events. 

They spoiled something huge and ppl missed this look upvote and like

Before I always has problem with chapter 3 as gap with chapter 2 just too large, now many thing also change it nice update. Good job and thank you

An update very much needed! It hits almost everything on the Nail that needs adjusting but Please Smilegate, I have just 1 Request. The Gold Earnings need Drastically Increased or Provide a Hunt Solely for Earning Large Amounts of Gold. For the Amount of Grinding I've put into this Game since Launch that is my biggest issue. I have Spent Billions of Gold on Upgrading Gear and I don't mind the RNG for Substats but I believe the Earning of Gold is just too little for the amount of Grinding put into this game. Gold is used for Upgrading Hero's, Crafting Equipment and Upgrading Equipment. Restrictions are applied to  spending your Gold on each of these such as Spirit Stones and Catalysts for Awakening Hero's. Hunt Material to Craft Equipment and Reforge. Charms for Upgrading Equipment. These are Restrictions, even if you have Gold. So why is Gold Obtained Insufficient? Please, I love Epic 7 but Grind has limits after so many years.

This update is HUGE, very excited for all of these qol changes and for the molas/free ml 4-5 tickets I'm going to get lol.

PLEASE - Just make sure you get actual players, ideally some Ytubers who are used to speaking into mic, for the Championship commentary. 

The 3 random guys picked up somehwere on the street from last time had about as much charisma as Lilibeth chest size has being in positive numbers, and even less ingame knowledge to explain whats going on instead of just parroting the actions of the contestants.

Wowwwwwwwwwww I love this update love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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