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[New/Returning Heir Tip] I am running out of molas, what should I do? [1]

I have a lot of characters to develop but I am out of molas! Is the $99mola pack worth? I have farmed E1!it’s epilogue and E2 (too weak to farm for E3) what should I do? I have a lot of characters to develop!

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    2022.02.22 12:40 (UTC+0)

    Your running out of molas b/c your probably spreading them all over the place or giving your healers more molas on damage which isnt a good idea. You want to spend molas on your dps heroes mainly that are best for story content. tanks/healers only need molas to reduce skill 3 cooldown and atleast 2 on their passives. A $100 mola pack wont be worth it b/c thats only going to +15 one character and your only doing pve content. 

    Every Monday you get 2 molas from the transmit stones trade and mola seed from the shop selection. You also get an additional mola seed from your guild shop

    You need to farm W13 gear and reforge as many as you can to lvl90 gear for enhanced stats.

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