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Ok, so... [25]

First, I must say I misunderstood about the female Arby's skin, it's literally nothing than a joke. Still, I don't like the idea of gender-bend at the beginning so I was a little freak out when the Loop Ep. 7 popped up. Luckily, my friend reassured me it was nothing but just art. I really feel ashamed of it.

But the second, what the hell with that complaint about the new character who is supposed to be ML Luna? We don't even know who it is just yet. She has some resemblances, and that's all I can see. Does anyone remember when the concept of Zahhak was shown? Everyone thought it was ML Kayron, but it turned out just another character (which I really like the design. Pulled him the second his banner was up). On top of that, I don't really see any problem with the character. Although big breast female characters are not my type, I think she still looks fine. We already know many people will go all in pulling for female characters, even though their skills may not be good.

And then, there's some guy complaining about this new character, like SG should listen to him and changed the design. Seriously, I thought my obsession with Tamarinne is the worst, as you already see, but this is another whole level.

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    2022.02.07 11:56 (UTC+0)

    Well be fair to yourself don't compare yourself with him! You have a healthy obsession and you channel that in productive and creative means. There's absolutely no problem with that.

    While that obsession on Luna is... morbid, distorted, and most if not all of the time that stirs only disgust among the community. Hel that genuinely requires professional help

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    2022.02.07 12:31 (UTC+0)

    If you go to read other community you will see a lot of people start to complaint about this new Character . If it's not ML luna RGB or Skin then it's good . However Moon light hero is on other hand . ML version should look different and with quality .   you can see good hero to compare Fallen Cecilia that's how ML Luna should be , great quality . 

    If you don't know ML Luna and Luna are different person . not past or future version . and this thing is just yeah Luna skin .

    This community are just too white knight toxic and nonsense 

    when I said Luna should get buff .  " oh you need some help , so obssesion "

    .. f..u. off .

     when she got buff where are you people ? 

    any apologist ?

    you are just hypocrite and worse than me . 

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    2022.02.07 12:34 (UTC+0)

    From the info that we have in game about another Luna but human and mage we could say that she is ML Luna. Just because she match the description and it's imposible she is a skin since the character changes completely.

    I remember saying Zahakk was ML kayron but we didn't have any info about him (and we still don't have any info) so it was a very premature assumption.

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    2022.02.07 12:58 (UTC+0)

    Wait im confused when did they confirmed ml luna or show a design or skin 

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    2022.02.07 13:54 (UTC+0)

    the genderbend Arby skin is just a joke...of a pretty bad taste

    I will snuff out this idea 

    THIS must not come true

    not yet, not when the imbalance between male/female unit is so strong

     and not in only one way (always male to female but never female to male why ?)

    I don't care about Luna

    her design just doesn't speaks to me (you know...big balloons...)

    even after her buff I would not summon for her

    same would probably be true if she gets a ml version

    unless she is super fun to play but... 🤔

    and yes I remember thinking ml kayron was coming soon and...nope it was Zahhak o.O

    still shocked

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    2022.02.07 20:17 (UTC+0)

    Yeah, I skipped The Loop when I saw that genderbend, I dont get people that like that kind of stuff.

    Then with the Ml luna drama... its just one user, mostly. At least here.

    It kinda feels like a new character to me.

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