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Voice your opinions. [38]

A lot of things are happening now.

Possible A.Vildred female skin, alternative Luna asset, mystic fraud, controversial hero buff etc.

In time like this, expression becomes more valuable.

Better take actions by saying how you feel and what you DON'T want, before it's too late.

On stove community/inquiry, other social media, or app store.


Rating and commenting in app store is a powerful way of expressing.

If you have already commented, editing the comment/rating will renew it.

Or delete the old one and re-rate and re-comment.

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    2022.02.07 03:43 (UTC+0)

    I posted in the suggestion section using as neutral a tone as possible, recommending adding sliders so we can purchase multiple catalysts from AP shop without having to click so many times. I also added to add a similar slider bar for skill up, so we can choose to +4 a hero's skill in one go.

    Now I'm no programmer or anything, I just thought this could be one of those QoL changes that can benefit the player, and maybe not so complicated to implement?

    That was almost 5 months ago.

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    2022.02.07 04:16 (UTC+0)

    So you’re calling for a review bomb. Thanks but no thanks. I'm all for players voicing their opinions within the community, but review bombing is just childish.

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    2022.02.07 04:27 (UTC+0)

    Possible A.Vildred female skin - I just won’t use it.

    alternative Luna asset - meh don’t care either way if her kit is good I’ll use her.

    mystic fraud - not sure what this is about???

    controversial hero buff etc. - which buff is controversial? I thought this buff was much better than the previous balance patches, even though I don’t have the two ML5s.

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    2022.02.07 04:59 (UTC+0)

    Opinion about what?

    Unreleased content, memes and fake news?

    Can you please stop posting here about your wet dreams as long you don't play the game? 

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    2022.02.07 05:26 (UTC+0)

    Can you please elaborate further on the mystic fraud and controversial hero buff thing? cause I have neither seen/heard anything about those 2 things you claim are happening atm.

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    2022.02.07 06:14 (UTC+0)

    Never thought I want to quit like this . ML Luna is just bs

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    2022.02.07 08:08 (UTC+0)

    Mystic Fraud and controversial hero buffs? If these are lesser known topics please elaborate. If we are talking about Mystic Pack Prices those have been a "fraud" since their inception...

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    2022.02.07 10:05 (UTC+0)

    1. Arby female skin WAS A JOKE. THERE IS NO FEMALE ARBY SKIN. STOP WITH THE COPIUM. You cant even make jokes nowadays. 

    2. What "Mystic fraud" are you talking about?

    3. What is "controversial" about the balance changes? Do you want to debate again if Celine is a buff or a nerf? Buffs are buffs and this balance patch was REALLY GOOD with characters that needed the buff and making them now relevant.

    4. What happens with luna assets? Are you the guy who makes 2k+ post complaining about how "bad" her design is? You dont like It? JUST IGNORE HER LIKE EVERY OTHER UNIT YOU DONT LIKE. 

    You are looking for problems where There arent any.

    Crystal generation.

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    2022.02.07 10:13 (UTC+0)

    My opinion:

    People should stop complaining about menial things so the dev can focus on fixing crucial things.

    *Cough rng and game ballance *cough

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    2022.02.07 11:29 (UTC+0)

    Ok here are some "valuable" opinions:

    -This alleged "ML Luna" design is absolutely fine, considering that FCeci also got that minimalistic appearance the one that Luna is "supposed" to receive suit the overall view of that alternate world. Is FCeci's clean design considered bad? Not at all as far as I'm aware of.

    -Gender bend Arby skin - while some including me find it not an appropriate joke, it's still mostly a joke that is not gonna happen (plus it's just fan art shown). To go as far as to re-review them because of this is... way overblown.

    -What is the mystic fraud "happening", care to enlighten us on the issue? I'm not sure where you heard it from but without factual support this is simply rumours/misinformation. And claiming it happening in this post without giving further info is plain irresponsible, a disgraceful abuse of the freedom of speech.

    -where is the "controversial" buff? Every patch is controversial as long as there are opinions. What's the big deal?

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    2022.02.07 20:25 (UTC+0)

    1. arby skin was just a joke, as far I know, also it doesnt made sense a genderbender, if you think about it twice, If course, I fell for it at the beggining as well.

    2. we dont even know if she is luna, also not sure why her design its a problem.

    3. mystic fraud?

    4. "controvesial hero buff" yeah, its called powercreep, since idiots always asks for a ml selector, this is what we get for that.

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    2022.02.07 21:26 (UTC+0)

    ABSOLUTELY NO TO GENDERBENT ARBY. We already have so many female characters, and barely any male skins! Plus, I think it's really disrespectful to the character, as well as to all the fans who have been working so hard in RTA to win the skin for their favourite hero and do not want to see him become a female for no good reason. Vildred is a man and should remain a man. As a transgender myself, I think it is simply unacceptable to randomly turn him into a woman. So please Smile Gate, reconsider, I can't stand the idea of my favourite hero, the one who carried me from day one be ruined by a female skin. Please listen to your fans. He deserves a great skin of his own that isn't just turning him into a woman. And yes this is a more personal reason, but I chose Vildred as my new legal name because he represented everything I wanted to be as a man and I loved everything he embodied, so please don't ruin him.

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