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ML Cermia Ready [15]

Has Anyone Finished building her?

How is her damage scaling?

Is she good?

I kinda conflicted on pulling her or wait for next new banner.

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    2022.02.06 16:39 (UTC+0)

    Ideally you want to watch sevearl Ytube vids.

    Most people at first seemed to confuse her for second Straze, but that is really not her case.

    Against the right team (counters and extra attacks), she is more of a machine gun, having no downtime on S3 you can spam it quite often, and the damage ramps up really quickly.

    At 2K def and 14K HP 210 speed she can also soak pretty good damage (beware def break).

    And she seems to be the absolute easy mode go to hero against Belian. Pair her up with Roana of Pyllis and just enjoy yourself.

    Did see some people also try her for Flan cleave but then again... why ? You can do that with BBK/JK/Straze as well so there is no reason to take her down that route. She is a good hero, not busted, not useless. Just overall good hero that has a very specific place in the game and which is to counter the counter meta.

    I too am not sure yet if I want to skip or pull for her, because ML Vivil is a confirmed thing, plus there is that ML Luna possibility as well.

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    2022.02.06 17:12 (UTC+0)

    I built mine on speed/immunity. Kinda low HP, as I gave her extra gear that I have, didn’t want to remove from units that I still use. So gave her my extra Sigurds to help her survive more turns. No molas yet. She does her job well. Great against counter, dual attack teams, which are rampant right now. Against certain teams, she can possibly do her S3 every turn, and it does considerable damage. Plus, if she’s low hp, with sigurds and constant s3, she can survive long fights.

    Personally, I think she’ll be a mainstay in different metas, just like how Straze, Politis, SSB, LQC are still good till now. They do their jobs well, given the right circumstances.

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    2022.02.06 18:25 (UTC+0)

    attack rate  /  pow  /  def rate

    S1 : 0.6 (1 with soulburn)  /  0.9  /  100% def (160% with soulburn)

    S3 : 0.3  /  0.9  /  135% def

    here is the scaling I've found...if it helps

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    2022.02.06 22:41 (UTC+0)

    heres my build currently, I’d say she’s pretty standard, my ring isn’t even reforged.

    I don’t really play Rta so take this with a grain of salt but currently in champ although probs dropped due to decay, however, she was an insanely impressive unit despite my initial thoughts on her, the damage is great especially due to her quick cycling, and she can handle herself in a lot of comps within the current meta (although this meta may be why she is so good currently). Now she’s no op by any means, lots of counters, especially units without any counter or dual attack etc, but if you can force these abilities, she’s a monster who doesn’t stop coming at the enemy. I’d say her main flaw is actively needing cr to get her s3 off due to after s2 she’s still vulnerable, and her s1 is very weak but it gives speed buff at least. Overall, I’d say she’s a solid 8/10 this meta, but probably if the meta shifts and less counter/dual attacks happen will drop to 7 or even 6/10.

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    2022.02.06 23:16 (UTC+0)

    She is AI abusive . Super crazy strong against AI in " this meta "

    however vs player is on other hand , there are too many hero that can deal with her casually.

    Eg. Senya , Charlotte (specific Spear of new dawn), Mort , Rimeru , Aravi ,  etc .

    dmg based on def have so many weakness nowadays , unit like Rimeru is just bS . 

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