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[Epic Seven l BGM] Bittersweet Dessert Festival [2]

Hello Heirs!

We have uploaded a new soundtrack video on YouTube!

We will be uploading more soundtracks so please look forward to them.

Again, if there is any particular soundtrack you would like to hear, please leave a comment!

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    2022.02.03 21:17 (UTC+0)

    Why aren’t any of these soundtracks available to be set instead of the boring tavern bg? I’m not even a veteran player but I already got bored of it and have to mute it... would be really nice to have some visual and music customisation in game.

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    2022.02.05 00:02 (UTC+0)

    Bgm Selector for Tavern is Overdue i'd say. It's not a New Game.

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