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Game Maintenance


Game Maintenance

[Update] 1/20 (Thu) Update Content [135]

Hello, Heirs!

This is GM Dominiel.

Let’s take a look at what we have in store for you in this week’s update.

Players will be able to view this update after the maintenance on Thursday, January 20. 


1. Guardian Kazran Update

Guardian Kazran, the protector of Reingar, joins the adventure!

Meet the Guardian who wanders through time in [Episode 1 Epilogue - Unrecorded History].

[Guardian Kazran]


[Acquiring Guardian Kazran]

- Condition: In Chapter 2, Reingar World, of Episode 1 Epilogue - Unrecorded History, clear the Mechanical Tower stage 
  for the first time.

  Mechanical Tower is a new stage that will be unlocked upon clearing stage 2.9 Hailow Lab Tower.

 If you have already cleared stage 2.9 Hallow Lab Tower, the tutorial will begin as soon as you enter [Reingar World].

 Upon unlocking Mechanical Tower and starting the tutorial, the first battle will proceed as an NPC Battle.


2. Three New Exclusive Equipment


New Exclusive Equipment for the 5 Heroes Tenebria and Melissa, and the 4 Hero Great Chief Khawana, will be added to 
the Hall of Trials Exchange.

Players can obtain Exclusive Equipment from the Hall of Trials Exchange using Wisdom’s Gaze.

Exclusive Equipment stats and skill effects will be applied randomly after the equipment has been purchased.


■ Exclusive Equipment Information

[5 Tenebria]


[5 Melissa]


[4 Great Chief Khawana]



■ Cost


■ The Exclusive Equipment of the 5 Heroes, Ilynav and Alencia, and the 4 Hero Free Spirit Tieria will be added
    to the Alchemist's Steeple.


3. Cerise & Guiding Light Drop Rate Up

Cerise, an Ice elemental Ranger, capable of inflicting restrict to hinder enemy abilities that increase their Combat Readiness. Players can also obtain the Ranger exclusive Artifact, Guiding Light, which grants the caster stealth at the start of the battle and the end of caster's turn.


■ Schedule

1/20 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 2/3 (Thu) 02:59 UTC



4. Charles & Justice for All Drop Rate Up

In this Drop Rate Up meet Charles, an Earth elemental Knight who is able to grant buffs to his allies as well as powerfully attack the enemy with chained attacks. Players can also receive the Knight exclusive 5 Artifact, Justice for All, which has a chance to grant the caster one random buff at the end of every turn.

■ Schedule

1/20 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 1/27 (Thu) 02:59 UTC



5. Expedition Renewal


■ Open Recruitment Update

With Open Recruitment, all Heirs on the same server will be able to participate, even if they are not friends or part of the 
same guild.


1. Open Recruitment Host/Participate

- Open Recruitment button added to Expedition Camp screen.

- You must reach certain requirements to do Open Recruitment.

- Open Recruitment is possible after completing one battle after the formation of Expedition.

- Upon registering for Open Recruitment, the Expedition cannot be returned to private.

- You can only activate Open Recruitment if the remaining time of the expedition is more than 10 minutes.


2. Open Recruitment Participation

- The Open Recruitment tab will be added to the existing participation screen.

- There are tabs for each Level, and if you are eligible for registration/participation, the wanted poster list registered for 
  Open Recruitment will appear.

- Up to five Expeditions recruiting Heirs at the moment will appear on the list per Level .

- If you do not have your desired Expedition on the list, you can renew it by tapping the Refresh button.


3. Open Recruitment Host/Participate Requirements

- Each Boss and Level has different requirements to enable host/participation.

Expedition Boss





Level 1

You can host/participate in Open Recruitment once you achieve 
at least 50,000 damage dealt in a single entry.

Level 2

You can host/participate in Open Recruitment once you achieve 
at least 150,000 damage dealt in a single entry.

Level 3

You can host/participate in Open Recruitment once you achieve 
at least 350,000 damage dealt in a single entry.



Level 1

You can host/participate in Open Recruitment once you achieve
at least 50,000 damage dealt in a single entry.

Level 2

You can host/participate in Open Recruitment once you achieve 
at least 150,000 damage dealt in a single entry.

Level 3

You can host/participate in Open Recruitment once you achieve 
at least 350,000 damage dealt in a single entry.

Blooming Snag


Level 1

You can host/participate in Open Recruitment once you achieve 
at least 50,000 damage dealt in a single entry.

Level 2

You can host/participate in Open Recruitment once you achieve 
at least 150,000 damage dealt in a single entry.

Level 3

You can host/participate in Open Recruitment once you achieve 
at least 350,000 damage dealt in a single entry.



Level 1

You can host/participate in Open Recruitment once you achieve
at least 50,000 damage dealt in a single entry.

Level 2

You can host/participate in Open Recruitment once you achieve 
at least 150,000 damage dealt in a single entry.

Level 3

You can host/participate in Open Recruitment once you achieve at least 350,000 damage dealt in a single entry.

Pain Pursuer


Level 1

You can host/participate in Open Recruitment once you achieve 
at least 50,000 damage dealt in a single entry.

Level 2

You can host/participate in Open Recruitment once you achieve 
at least 150,000 damage dealt in a single entry.

Level 3

You can host/participate in Open Recruitment once you achieve 
at least 350,000 damage dealt in a single entry.


- If you are qualified, you can host an Open Recruitment or participate in an Expedition with Open Recruitment enabled.


■ Bonus Points (20)

- Expedition creators can receive bonus points if a boss is eliminated successfully after inviting only friends and guild members.

- Expedition participants can receive bonus points if they successfully eliminate a boss when participating in private recruitment.

- If an Expedition creator hosts Open Recruitment, they will not receive bonus points. However, Heirs who participate through
  private recruitment can receive bonus points.

- An icon will appear in Private Recruitment and In Progress lists indicating if bonus points are obtainable.


■ Other

- Open Recruitment information is not displayed in [Repeat Battling > Expedition Popup Window].

- Even if there is an Expedition with Open Recruitment, it will not affect whether or not the Expedition stamp icon appears 
  on Garo in the Lobby.

- The contents of Help > Expedition will be updated to reflect the Open Recruitment update.

- The name of the existing [Recruiting] tab will be changed to [Private Recruitment]. 


■ Other Improvements

- In the damage ranking on the View Expedition Results screen, a User Information button will be added so that you can check
  the information of your fellow Heirs who participated in the Expedition and send friend requests.

- The contents of Help > Expedition will be updated.


■ Expedition Adjustments

- In Level 3, the [Dimensional Energy] skill of [Pain Pursuer Moroi] will be adjusted as follows:

1. [Dimensional Energy] Barrier strength reduced by 43%.

2. [Dimensional Energy] Speed decrease reduced by 17%. 

- An issue where Isolation (Unique Effect) inflicted by the Expedition boss Pain Pursuer Moroi did not apply to revived heroes until
  the start of the turn will be corrected.

- The description of <Beserk> will be modified to match the actual function. There is no change in actual function.

- An issue where scrolling down the damage ranking list on the View Expedition Results screen would not return to the original
  state will be corrected.


6. Other Improvements and Adjustments


■ Drop Rate Display

- You can check the drop rate of "Random Equipment, Accessory Charms" that can be obtained when crafting Charms 
  in Sanctuary > Alchemist's Steeple.

■ Heroes and Artifacts

- An issue where when a Hero with a damage distribution effect is receiving distributed damage from another Hero, damage       is not distributed if the Hero's effect value is higher, will be corrected.

- The issue where the skill effects of some Heroes were applied before the attack was completed will be corrected.









Dancing Blade

Increased Attack upon eliminating an enemy




Wind's Resolve

Increased Speed upon a Critical Hit





Rage upon eliminating an enemy



Wind Rider


Stealth upon eliminating an enemy



Flower Shower


Increased Attack upon eliminating an enemy


- An issue where the reduction in Combat Readiness increases and blocking of gaining Souls and Focus inflicted by 5 Heroes Politis, Solitaria of the Snow, Belian would not be removed upon the death of the Hero will be corrected.

- An issue where the turn duration increase granted by the Soulburn effects of 3 Heroes Mascot Hazel, Mercenary Helga,
  Zealot Carmainerose would not apply to buffs granted through Rune effects will be corrected.

- An issue where when the damage and revive effect were applied at the same time, in certain situations the effects were not
  applied in order, will be fixed.

- Adjustments will be made so that the number of targets that Tenebria’s skill 1 affects is clearly shown. No functional changes will
  be made.

■ Monsters

- An issue where the Raid Labyrinth [Azmakalis (Normal/Hell)] boss Karkanis would have an unnecessary status effect icon upon
  starting a turn in Stealth will be corrected.

- Correcting typos and awkward expressions in the skill tooltips of some monsters in Adventure and Side Stories. There is 
  no change in actual function.

- An issue where the "increases damage suffered from Ice elemental Heroes by 30%" and "when a non-Ice elemental Hero's turn
  ends, increases the caster's Combat Readiness by 10%" effects of Wyvern Hunt 11 boss Onix Wyvern's passive skill Fire's
  Protection were not applied correctly will be corrected.

- Adjustments will be made so that the skill description and status abnormality icon of the Boss, Cartuja who appears in the 
  3 Hero Roozid’s specialty change quest is displayed to match the function. No functional changes will be made.


Adventure and Story

- An issue where when the Chaos Gate is cleared in Episode 1 stage 1-9 the heroes in formation of the next stage played move
  in an abnormal way. This issue will be fixed.

- An issue where in the exchange mission in Episode 2 Chapter 6 the name of the '2-S6. Ambush Alley' stage was displayed
  incorrectly, will be fixed.

- An issue where an incorrect name for Taeyou was displayed in Episode 4 chapter 1-S2 Claw Hand Harbor will be fixed.

- Typos in Episode 4 Chapter 2-5 Starving Hill will be fixed.

- Typos on the main screen of the special side story, Fairy Tale for a Snowy Day will be fixed.


■ Other

- When a Background is selected on the Hero Zoom screen, it will be saved for each time the Zoom function is used for that
  individual Hero.

  (Two copies of the same Hero may have different Backgrounds saved. When a Hero is deleted, saved Background settings will
  also be deleted.)

- When a Hero is promoted two or more star grades by a Potion of Ascension, achievements connected to previous star grades
  will also be checked.

     e.g.> When a 3 Hero is immediately promoted to 6 with Potion of Ascension, all 4/5/6 promotion achievements
              will be counted.

- An issue where the N mark on a newly acquired Artifact was not removed upon equipping it to a Hero and overlapped 
  with the E mark will be fixed.

- The method of closing in-game notification windows that must be closed by tapping Confirm buttons will be adjusted.

   Target: Equipment extraction, Artifact enhancement, Receiving Heart of Orbis reward, content unlocking, Adventure/Side Story,
   Epic Pass, Expedition, Expedition Depot,   Arena notification pop-ups.




Tap the "Confirm" button on the pop-up notification window
 to close the window.


The "Confirm" button will be removed and replaced with
 "Tap to close"


- An issue where in certain situations the game closed when selecting the [Expedition > Expedition Invite > Guild] tab.

- Certain banned words in the game will be adjusted.


Thank you.


Reply 135
Notification has been disabled.

Remove arena NPC dialogues.


Look how they massacred my boy Kazran and made him a Guardian instead of a playable unit.

(they made dead heroes playable stop acting as if making Kazran playable hero is a big deal).

EDIT Yes, let's compare the only Human-looking Guardian to monsters like Kromcruz as high as skycraper or animals like Arky.

No one seems to mind that 𝐯𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐚𝐧𝐬 (Belian, Tenebria) are also considered 'heroes'. Don't get me started on countless plot inconsistencies with the gameplay like Zerato being one of the strongest mages but being only a lowly 4* or Pyllis being an assassin in the story(a fast one too) while in the game she's a defensive knight. There's countless more examples like these.


I dont understand why Kazran needs such long animation. Yes its cool, but he is a guardian. Make it short and effective.

Tenebria - Been hoping for Fire Tene EE for a while. Love using her. Eff EE makes sense for her, S1 dispell is great and the -1CD on S3 is flat out amazing. Quiete happy wit this, its not busted but quite effctive EE for her.

Melissa - Has been getting lot of buffs lately. CC% EE is a huge deal no matter the skills. Just like self CC% imprint would be. +12% CC equals 3 gear rolls into crit since 5 is a max roll. Huge passive buff for her right there since you can maxmize the gear. People complained she lacks damage. This EE should help for sure.

Great Chief Kawa chan - utter garbage hero, now with equally garbage EE. I dont understand what they were thinking with this. There is absolutely no reason to use this hero at all, anywhere. Not even in Caides hunt.

She need proper skill buff and adjustment, not some absolutely meh EE that doesnt help her in any real way.

Tenebria has a plushie of (or looks like) kayron......? I want one too....

stop fking with the arena offense proc rate you trash devs! 70% proc rate and not once in 6 attacks. that a 0.07% chance and you are telling us that's “rng“? liars! rta is unplayable, arena is unbearable, what's left to do in the game? just fire your dev team!

'Tap to close'

nothing but complaints in this community smh

Probably because there’s so many problems that the devs seem to ignore consistently, and when they do try to fix them they release a pointless “buff” or make it worse, jkise ring any bells? The Khawana EE alone right in this updates more proof of this, literally just an awful ml4 and this EE is what they do to fix it? It does nothing for her when she already does nothing useful, open your eyes people the devs don’t care

Where's the next story chapter. This update sucks. Maybe only useful thing is shorter cooldown on Tene s3. Since she's the only fire def breaker. Save Elphelt.

Chapter updates are monthly and the recent one was just released 2 weeks ago, you stupid moron.

Buff JK dmg...😢

Tenebria's S1 EE looks interesting, now I can give her something else instead of Violin.

Melissa's S2 dmg boost EE might be useful, cause she's motivated to kill on S2.

Khawana EE's are...eh what did the hero herself do in the first place that these EE's make her do better?

I love u devs! 🥰

Dead game. New EE for such ugly garbage heroes. Atleast make 1 EE for male heroes every time, even if this kusoge is incel oriented piece of junk. When such amazing design like Kazaran stupidly wasted. Based SG. You're never learns,  do you?

Another half of the year without content waiting for ml Kayron

It seems that you have used up all your stock of successful solutions on Ran with Zahhak, not to mention Zahhak kit is pretty garbo, only multipliers is good. RIP e7.

If the game's so dead, why haven't you just ended it all for yourself yet?  Because you're full of shit.

profile image

192387826Keep seething, brainless incel 

Very disappointing update. EEs that won't fix anything. No balancing. No new content. Lately cookie cutter stories. Current PVP toxic-meta is uncontested. No wander game population declining so rapidly. And SG does ... nothing. 

They have Lost Ark now. Its raking in big money in the Eastern regions and Russia.

Once it launches Global next month, E7 will be even more neglected and the E7 team gets even less resources to work than they already have now. 

There is no 10 year plan for this game. Recognise the signs people, the game is currently in backburners. And its very likley it will hit "maintenance" mode as they call it with MMORPG, in about two years at current pace, maybe sooner.

The meta is dead, they are unwilling to lift the Molagora constriction, gear is wastly superior to the heroes skills and synergies and the whole crafting and upgrading it is just attrocious expresience. New heroes keep rapidly power creeping the existing ones. There are no nerfs where needed, and bunch of mechanics are unfinished for years now (Cidonia WB still not a thing). 

I mean the writting is on the walls, those who are in denial or just ignorant and cant see it I dont know what to tell you.

Jkise recall? You gave EE to Melissa but no adjustment to Jkise? 

Kazran would be my new Arky. I've already prepared a leash for him 

With the exception of Fire Tenebria EE, everything else sucks.

Khawana’s pretty design is so wasted sitting in storage, you guys need to rework her entire kit.

Actually, can you just make a pre-2021 version of the game available for download? Landy was out of control, but E7 was still a much better game before carrot's (redacted) buff and all the poorly conceived power creep that followed it. I could go on and on about how your original policy on nerfs (remember the corvus nerf? That was easily the best balance adjustment of all time.) was right and you should nerf a bunch of things or how you were scumbags for intentionally designing caides to be such a toxic encounter in order to make a character as worthless as ml khawana seem appealing. But I've already said enough about all that. Instead, I'm asking for a way to enjoy the game as it was before you ruined it

People actually expect Kazran to be hero instead hmm, not saying it's impossible but it's definitely way more possible for him to be Guardian. Also is it just me or Kazran animation is much longer than others? 

Prolly would pick Tene S1 strip since I only use her in Raid these days. Don't use Melissa(and NEVER will) and ML Khawana so not much to say about those.

ML Khawana still meh. I guess I'll put my hope on another Khawana as a new seasonal unit then.

A lot of people like her normal version and ML design, and seem like someone at Smilegate also like her since both Khawana version got buffs few times more than some heroes. So it might be possible to get another variant of her in the future but prefer that you guy maker EE1 as good as Choux's EE, so this top-tier ML design is not wasted for nothing.

as good as Choux's EE,

First time I heard her EE is good! I'm going to check it out! 

Where is the actual guardian update? You made 1 not useless. Added 1. And then changed nothing... no leveling. No modes. Nothing. Is this really what we waited 2 years for? What a joke. 

Ummm... where is the new unit info?

Balance patch?

GvE content?

Do you mean guild war content that's coming out next month they said February in one of streams 

2 months of patches and we got literally nothing to be excited about, units are not content!!!! , the game is dying because of u guys, we love this game but when u guys dont give us any content the game will eventually die, 10 years plan is a bad idea when u have 10 ideas and u implement one idea each year, it is so boring and nothing to look for.

This has been going on since they lied about working on a collab all last year only to rush a food story out last second. Whoever is calling the shots only wants to turn and burn new players and they likely think there is enough of a wall of content to keep players tied up. So screw players who kept this game up and supported year after year... were not worth ANYTHING to their metrics. 

This is the comment I want to post too. I expected this patch will make me high than ever because it's Luna new year patch. I don't know how to describe my disappointment. I play E7 and Onmyoji, this morning path for Luna new year in Onmyoji is amazing, 2 new units, 4~5 event at the same time in one patch and they really fun. But, I think E7 is bad last year and still bad this year ~~!

All these people wanna change the Epic seven story by making him a playable character and not a guardian. The story has been great so far, no need for his character to be changed from a guardian.

What the hell are you talking about? No one asks to change the plot.

We have villians as 'heroes' and dead characters playable. Don't get me started on inconsistences like Pylis being an assiassin like other Dagger members(Haste, A Coli, A Cidd) but gameplay-wise she's a defensive knight. 

Funny how all these are accepted but Diche forbid we could use the only Humanoid Guardian as playable unit.

profile image

NeriAs much as he should be great as a unit, he's a guardian and is explicitly shown as Yuna's guardian throughout the main and  side story 

Phylis is portrayed as prioritising Haste's protection in the story so yeah, she gets to be a knight. Nobody's gonna stop you from trying your hand at a dps Phylis if it bothers you so much.

They get to have fun stacking a single skill to help players that are struggling with things like abyss and that's that. Other units will come along that you can throw your gatcha dollars at so no need to worry. Take your free husbando and enjoy. It's not that deep.

profile image

epic7#fiiqaPyllis in the story is an assassin and is commented to be 'so fast' by Melissa. You clearly haven't read all Pyllis-related stories or don't remember them and are only referencing her SC story.

"if it bothers you so much.  "


I simply pointed out how you're all being either hypocritical or dense when it comes to the lore.

"They get to have fun stacking a single skill to help players that are struggling with things like abyss"


"Take your free husbando "

Sorry, I'm not a weeb. I don't have 'husbandos' or 'waifus' like you lot.

profile image

NeriFrom all the replies I've seen the only dense person is Zienn

profile image

NeriYou insult people for not having the same idiotic thoughts as you and yet cry when people are being “mean”. You contribute nothing other than trolling and talking trash.

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