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Speciality changes or ML 4 ? [22]

  • DavePotato
  • 2022.01.12 11:25 (UTC+0)
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Yo people

I don't know for you but the sun shines on the snow and it's too bright 😎

So today we are roughly 2 month away since the last SC

it was Phyllis (pretty sure her name is Pyllis but I think Phyllis sounds better)

we all remember that SG said that speciality changes will be once every 3 or 4 months

and now you do remember that 

so the next SC is coming...slowly...veeeryyy slooowlyyy... 

Today I wanted to talk about possible speciality changes That I would love to see...and some units who I think would benefits more from a moonlight version instead

My most wanted speciality change

there are more but today those are the ones that come to my mind ^^

-Kikirat V2

a limited 3* accessible through the book of memory

him having a SC would make sense because Yuna is canonically ALWAYS trying to improves this bad boy

and it would entice new players to go in the book of memory to get him while the older players would have an easier access to him so people could take him out of the waiting room

-Taranor boys (the Guard and/or the Royal Guard)

Because they can be very useful in budget wyvern teams, they look like dark souls characters (like the Inquisitor and the chaos Axe) and we didn't get any boy in speciality change for QUITE SOME TIME

I would welcome them far more than Alexa even if SHE is also a very good wyvern unit

the three of them have basically the same niche already but I would like to see some use for them elsewhere 

they don't need to be specifically designed against the wyvern, just a general improvement 


I just love him

he is very mysterious

and I want to use him but he needs a good SC and he would become a great frontliner


she is a Jecht 2.0 and could become a great support in offensive team with a little help

I like her kit

and I think her S3 has a lot of potential to be better in so many different ways with just the SC upgrade (so without counting the skill tree)

- scales on the ally's highest attack for damage

- strip buffs / reduce buff duration on ennemies

- cr push your team for offense

- Resurect dead allies

- Debuff ennemies

The Units that I think are beyond saving even with a Speciality change and might be better getting a ml 4* version instead


he has a niche in banshee none one shot teams

but a SC on him would require heavy loads to make him usable outside of that niche

and as I said above I think Ainos is already a better version of him

so as much as I love my fluff boy, I think a ml 4 Jecht would do him more justice by being completely different in terms of gameplay :(



Her kit could be good but just no

She would need a heavy loaded SC to be good and I'm pretty if she get a speciality change right now it would be like Pearlhorizon 

I mean it would obviously be better but not reliable to justify any investment (Pearl players will get mad at me 😱)

Again in her current state a ML 4 would be better 


She is just a one-trick pony

and I can't think of anything good for her without torturing my brain

Roozid has a similar kit and his SC is a big mess of non-reliability

so to avoid that, Judith could go wilde and get an ML4

either a dark thief with a heart filled with selfishness and mischief or a Spy or a detective

I dunno but it would be better for her

The ones I am not sure

I guess either a speciality change OR a ML 4 could work on them


I never knew him as a good unit

He was already bad when I arrived...he got a lil buff but I don't remember what it was

didn't really made a big difference

I think a Speciality Change on him would be very easy to make...but on the other hand...

-ABS...I mean Sven 😳

His Kit is basically the same as Kayron

a speciality change on Sven would make him almost as good if not better than Kayron

every time I try to go for a SC for Sven I end up with Kayron 2.0

So I'm not against it but I would say a ML Sven would be better...but he is ALREADY A ML !!! ><


Same as above but he is a lil version of ML Ken :/


He is dead so a speciality change is out of question

I wish to see him return in a ml form with a brand new kit

But he is a limited unit aswell so that sounds a bit troublesome 


Another limited unit

She is alive though but her kit is...What is she supposed to do ?

Never really understood the point of her kit

She attack with paper sheets and I think a character that uses Origami would be really nice

I would lean more toward a ML 4 

But I am bs because I don't really get the point of her kit =_=

What do you think ?

Does your favourites 3* would benefit more from a speciality change or a moonlight 4 ?

Ciao 😘

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    2022.01.12 12:19 (UTC+0)

    I love Judith but after Roozid's buff no one uses her so I think she deserves a SC

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    2022.01.12 17:16 (UTC+0)

    Dave shines brighter! 

    I went up against a 9000 ER sc pearlhorizon today in my gw and the only thing that saved me and my 300 Eff Res gpurrgis was her allies attacking me and waking me up from sleep. 


    SCs can be very powerful. But also... I hate them. I hate them I hate them I hate them.

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    2022.01.12 17:59 (UTC+0)

    I think an opportunity was missed to give us "dragon knight/archer nemunas" in episode 3, extra turn on s3. penetration on her s1.

    Jecht 2 debuff cleanse on team. cr push on s1 to make his continuous healing effective.

    Taranor Guard - s1 def decrease chance  from 75% to 100% + 5% cr on s2 activation and dual attack on s3.

    TRG - barrier on s3, healing increase runes, provoke chance increase/ bleed debuff on s1

    Jena - 10% penetration per debuff on s1. extra turn/self cr push on s3. effect chance increases for s2 & s3.

    azalea - effect increase runes, counter buff on s3

    Ains - defense buff on s3, increase counter chance on s2, hit chance runes . s1 Satisfying Strike hits with max crit damage for consistency. there is a lot of rng between his counter, Satisfying Strike & crit chance.

    Kikirat V2 - provoke on s3. +5% def on s2 crit chance & damage runes. effect increase runes

    Hataan - s3 extra turn, s2 can activate up to 4 times. his soul

    Enott - s3 extra turn, effect chance increases

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    2022.01.12 18:28 (UTC+0)

    Enott, Sven and Hurado 

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    2022.01.13 00:44 (UTC+0)

    Judith: Was absolute meta 3 years ago, along with Tieria.

    Arowell: F.Cecilia's predecessor.

    Elvis (I know it's Elson): C.Lilias' sensei. Meta 3 years ago.

    Otillie: Still the highest anti-aoe damage mitigation.

    Requiemroar: Decrease Defense was a rare ability at the beginning. She even had it as her ult!

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    2022.01.13 02:29 (UTC+0)

    Where's alexa

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    2022.01.13 09:13 (UTC+0)

    Heroes with high chance to SC : 

    - Alexa & Nemunus  -  Many side stories about them

    - Banshee sisters  -  3 left

    - Tiaria & Hurado  -  There're in EP4

    I care for Alexa for my Wyvern farm and Gloomyrain for equip Tagahel+SPD imprint

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