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2022/2021 Survey Breakdown and Results (community driven) [11]

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  • Dukejosh[Dukejosh]
  • 2022.01.11 20:58 (UTC+0)
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Good Afternoon Everyone!

Below is the breakdown of the survey that some or many of you may have completed!

 To the players who took the time to do this survey, thank you!

I will be doing a live breakdown on my Twitch Channel, where I stream Epic 7 almost daily: www.twitch.com/dukejosh

 A special thanks to the other creators who helped me with this survey, both sharing, gathering questions and breaking the data down; Car6, Adrocz, Dewayze, Scollay, Jenazad, Sir Fawn and any other creator or community member who helped!

We had 2,286 responses and the survey seemed to be well received overall, with negative responses being few and far between. To the players who feel their specific needs weren't met, I urge you to fill out specific details in the end of survey open ended question next time rather than complain or slander. This will only help future surveys! I will be providing players with the breakdown of the data, but not the raw data. The breakdown contains all charts/graphs that were autogenerated by the data form, as well as every idea or concern indicated in the end of survey open ended question.

The breakdown is long. It took roughly 90 hours to complete the full data breakdown. For the people who wanted more "other" options with open ended responses; This is why they weren't included. A single open ended question increases breakdown time exponentially. Please just be specific with your wants in the end of survey response next time and your ideas will be included and heard. All data is analyzed as if there could be skewing possible if additional options were present.


Enjoy! If you have any questions, feel free to DM me!

#GMCartuja #GMDominiel 

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    2022.01.11 21:18 (UTC+0)

    Of reddit... kind of misses the actual player base. As reddit is as we all know where you can find all the best brightest...

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    2022.01.11 22:31 (UTC+0)

    Litterally every question has majority of votes demand more rewards for every single content

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    2022.01.11 23:01 (UTC+0)

    As I’ve said, there were a few questions I felt could’ve been less bias in terms of the options, but overall the survey was good.

    but unfortunately this survey doesn’t really add anything new, at least imo. Most players are asking for more rewards (even for content that doesn’t need more rewards unless new levels get added, aka tower). Additionally, that most of the player base enjoyed most of what came out this year, even tho imo, there could’ve been more but ofc the first half of this year started off poorly.

    and I mean the biggest obvious point being that majority don’t enjoy rta, and I agree that the game is basically a whales game, so if people are actively trying to climb it but they’re F2p or low spenders they won’t have a good time.

    the summary is, players want more rewards even if they get enough already (tho I think some rewards should be improved like HoT), majority don’t like Rta, we want continued updates to older content and Duke still hates baal.

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    2022.01.12 05:51 (UTC+0)

    wow this is amazing!

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    2022.01.12 10:28 (UTC+0)

    Thank you for your efforts.

    I hope SG will see and consider the data and the breakdowns shown there.

    As I am a new member here, is this the first time the community did such a thing?

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