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[ Hero Concept 14 ] [1]

This is the 14th original hero concept. Enjoy :)


Attack an enemy.

Deal additional damage equal to 2.5% target Max Health (1% for monsters) for each debuff on both the target and the caster.



[S2 - Burning] CD: 3 Turns

Select an enemy.

Inflict 1~3 Burn effects and Decrease Hit Chance for 1 turn, on both the enemy and the caster.

Recover 50% missing health of the caster.


//Roll the 1~3 random number first, then apply the same debuffs on the caster and the enemy

//Can use this skill to weaken dangerous enemy, or use on the one who has the skill you want to memorize



[S3 - Everlasting Mist] CD: 4 Turns

When the caster is alive, ALL characters' Hit Chance are decreased by 25%.

The caster Memorizes the last hero skill that missed on someone.


Cast the Memorized skill.

This usage of it will not miss.


Even though the miss chance aura affects both allies and enemies,

the effect is still powerful as long as its proc chance makes sense.

For example: Picking this hero against cleave/control comp increases team survivability.

Furthermore, S3 memorizes the last missed skill, which creates comeback potential and optionality.

Ally's missed skill can be memorized as well.

Comments are welcomed.

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    Rng the character 

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