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[GM] 1/6 (Thu) Update Notice [58]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2022.01.05 10:33 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 88912

Happy new year, Heirs!

This is GM Dominiel.


Let’s take a look at what we have in store for you in this week’s update.

Players will be able to view this update after the maintenance on Thursday, January 6.




1. Episode 4, Chapter 3 - West Prairie

With Taeyou and the Summer Sword both in the hands of Zahhak, Ras and companions part ways with Ran and head for the Prairie, where the Autumn Sword can be found. Upon reaching their location, they meet Arunka, queen of the Prairie. But they soon face difficulties as a result of an aversion to outsiders and a civil war between Suins.


A new adventure will unfold in Episode 4, Chapter 3, West Prairie!


■ West Prairie

[How to Enter]

- Complete Stage 2-10. Top Head Border in Episode 4 Chapter 2.


[Map Layout]

- Chapter 3, West Prairie, consists of 10 main stages including Labyrinth type stages and 6 optional stages.



- Chapter 3, West Prairie, has a total of 10 Quests that players will be able to complete.

- After clearing all 10 Quests in the chapter, players will receive 50 Skystone.

■ West Prairie - AP Exchange

- Completing stages in West Prairie will grant the player AP which can be used in this area’s AP Exchange.

- West Prairie AP does not provide stories.


[How to Open]

Complete stage 3-10. Autumn Breeze Plain.


[How to Use]

- Players can receive AP in West Prairie and exchange their AP for items in the AP Exchange.

- There is a limit to the number of times players can purchase certain items in the Exchange Shop.


■ Awakened Adin

- Completing stage 3-10. Autumn Breeze Plain in West Prairie will unlock missions for Awakened Adin in Chapter 3.

- Completing all missions in Chapter 3 will award players Adin's Secret Scroll.

 ■ Story Journal

- Chapter 3, On the Prairie will be added to Story Journal > Episode 4.

- The background "Suin's Camp" will be awarded for completing Episode 4, Chapter 3.


2. The Final Week of the Special Side Story, Fairy Tale for a Snowy Day Begins

Kanna hopes that joining the support mission to Arimelka will help bring Laika's old memories back.

Seeing how differently Laika carries out missions compared to her old self, Brinus and Kanna have a lot to think about.


The final week of the Special Side Story, Fairy Tale for a Snowy Day begins now!


■ Schedule

1/6 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 1/13 (Thu) 02:59 UTC 


■ How to Enter

Complete Episode 1, Chapter 10-10. Shrieking Hall


■ Fairy Tale for a Snowy Day Information



[Chapter Opening Schedule]





Outskirts of Wintenberg (Stage 1~6)

12/23 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 
1/13 (Thu) 02:59 UTC


Outskirts of Wintenberg (Stage 7~13)

12/30 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 1/13 (Thu) 02:59 UTC


Outskirts of Wintenberg (Stage 14~19)

1/6 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 1/13 (Thu) 02:59 UTC


[Enhanced Heroes]




Lead Hero Buff

Lv. 60 / Awakened to 6 / +15 Enhanced Skills

Attack, Health – 30% Increase

Alencia, Ilynav, Bomb Model Kanna,
Command Model Laika


Attack, Health – 30% Increase

Cecilia, Yufine, Choux, Helen, Melany, Christy 

Rose, Nemunas


■ Week 3 Information

[Event Currency]




[Tears of Cliff]

An ore that is both beautiful and sturdy. 

It is highly valuable as it can only be mined in rugged areas.

Outskirts of Wintenberg (Stage 14~19)

Also available in Week 1, 2 Stages

S-1. Vigor Forest, S-2. Hidden Cave,
S-3. Secret Underground Cave,

and 10. Rough Ore Cave

 The currency that can be obtained from each chapter is different.

 Players will not be able to obtain currency from Story stages.


[Enhanced Artifact]

■ Stage Progress

- The Special Side Story Fairy Tale for a Snowy Day will take place in Outskirts of Wintenberg.

- The third chapter is comprised of Outskirts of Wintenberg Main Stages 14~19, MolaGora Habitat, and Goblin's Den.

- Players can proceed to the next stage after they clear the preceding stage.

- Stage 19. Radiant Farewell Road will be unlocked after all buildings in Arimelka Village are fully renovated to stage 3. (Excluding Collapsed Bridge)

[Story Stage]

- Story Stages do not require Energy to enter and do not have any battles.

- Story Stages do not provide Event currency.


[Stage Difficulty]

- In the third week of this side story, players can play through the 18. Inspection Alley stage with various difficulty levels.

- First time playing this stage will be fought with NPC Heroes.

- Players may select a higher difficulty after successfully clearing the one before it.


[Goblin's Den]

- Completing Chapter 3 Stage 16. White Steps Valley will unlock S. Goblin's Den.

- Players can complete S. Goblin's Den stage in Chapter 3 once during the Side Story period.

[MolaGora Habitat]

- Clearing Chapter 3 Stage 19. Radiant Farewell Road will unlock S. MolaGora Habitat.

- Players can complete the S. MolaGora Habitat stage in Chapter 3 once during the Side Story period.


■ Arimelka Village Week 3

- All the buildings in Arimelka Village can be renovated to stage 3 after clearing 18. Inspection Alley. (Excluding Collapsed Bridge)

- Stage 19. Radiant Farewell Road will be unlocked after all the buildings are fully renovated to stage 3.
   (Excluding Collapsed Bridge)

- Renovating buildings will reveal new stories. Select the relevant building to view the stories again.

- Arimelka Village will remain available for 7 days after the end of the Side Story period. However, during this period you will only be able to collect rewards.


1. Village Entrance

    Tap the Arimelka Village icon in the World Map.

    Tap the Village button at the bottom of the Fairy Tale for a Snowy Day title screen.


2. Building Renovation

    In Week 3 of the Fairy Tale for a Snowy Day, you can restore all the buildings in Arimelka Village. (Excluding Collapsed Bridge)

    You can collect materials to proceed with building renovation and unlock stories and receive rewards once restoration is complete.

 3. Kanna's Gift Bombing

    Upon returning to the full map after clearing 17. Joy Square Street, the tutorial for Kanna's Gift Bombing will start.

    Kanna's Gift Bombing is a special side story attendance reward.

    Tap the Winter Gift Tree in the middle of Arimelka Village to begin the Kanna Gift Bombing event.

    After the third week of the Fairy Tale for a Snowy Day begins, enter the Side Story once a day for a total of 
        seven daily rewards.

    Multiple Kanna's Gift Bombing rewards can be received at once. Even if you don't enter the previous day, upon entering 
        on the next day, you will receive the reward for both the current day and the previous day.


■ Exchange

- Players will be able to exchange event currency, 'Tears of Cliff,’ obtained from battle stages for various items.

- Players will be able to exchange event currency for items up to one week after the Side Story ends.


■ Other

- An issue in Fairy Tale for a Snowy Day – Week 3, where Snowflake Ring and Promise of Silence were displayed as Resistance Set will be fixed.

3. New 3 Heroes


Five new Heroes 3★ from Natalon will be added.


■ New 3 Heroes Preview

■ New 3 Heroes

The new Heroes Januta, Muwi, Orte, Yoonryoung, and Hasol will be available in Summon after the 1/6 (Thu) maintenance.

Hero Source

Covenant Summon

Drop Rate Up

Moonlight Summon

 Only 3 Januta, 3 Muwi, and 3 Orte can be summoned through Drop Rate Up.

 Only 3 Yoonryoung and 3 Hasol can be summoned through Moonlight Summon.


■ 3 Januta

■ 3 Muwi



■ 3 Orte



■ 3 Yoonryoung



■ 3 Hasol



4. Arena - Conviction Season Ending

The Arena Ambition Season that began on 10/18 (Mon) will end and the pre-season will begin.


■ Arena Season Schedule

- The following is the schedule for the end of the Conviction Season and the start of the Resolution Season.




Conviction Season Ending


1/9 (Sun) 13:00 UTC


1/9 (Sun) 22:00 UTC


1/10 (Mon) 05:00 UTC

Arena Pre-Season


1/9 (Sun) 18:00 ~ TBD


1/10 (Mon) 03:00 ~ TBD


1/10 (Mon) 10:00 ~ TBD

Resolution Season Opening


  The schedule for the ending of the Arena pre-season and opening of the Resolution Season will be announced
    in a later notice.

 Detailed information about Frame rewards for the Arena Conviction Season will be announced in a later notice.

 For more information regarding the end of the Arena Conviction Season, please see this link.
    [Arena Conviction Season Closing Information] 


 5. Alencia & Alencinox's Wrath Drop Rate Up 

 In this Drop Rate Up meet Alencia, an Earth elemental Warrior who dispels all buffs from all enemies while also increasing the Defense of all allies. Players can also obtain a Warrior exclusive Artifact, Alencinox’s Wrath, which increases the caster’s Critical Hit Chance whenever somebody’s turn starts.


■ Period

1/6 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 1/13 (Thu) 02:59 UTC


6. High-Definition Media Pack Update

 Enjoy In-game videos and Hero skill animations in Full HD 1080p by downloading the new High-Definition Media Pack.


■ How to activate High-Definition Media Pack

    After launching the game go to [Settings > Game Settings > Settings] and check Use High Definition Media Pack.

    You will be redirected to the title screen and can reconnect after downloading the High-Quality Media Pack.



7. Other Improvements and Adjustments

■ Start Dash Pack Reset

- Every year, the first maintenance of the year will reset the purchase records of the Start Dash Pack.

The reset Start Dash Pack can be purchased in [Shop > Pack].



[Reset Schedule]

- 1/6 (Thu) 03:00 UTC


[Purchase Rules]

- Criteria to purchase: Complete 1-4. Skybreeze Forest, Episode 1 (Can be purchased for 3 days after completing the stage)

                                    Heirs who have already completed the stage can purchase the pack for 3 days after                                      the maintenance on 1/6 (Thu).

- Purchase Limit: Once per account

- Heirs who have purchased the pack will be moved to the Summon page for 10 summons.


[No. of Summons]

- If you have not yet used all 10 Start Dash summons after purchasing the pack, the remaining number of summons 
  will increase by 10.

  e.g. If you have 5 summons left after purchasing the Start Dash Pack before reset, you will have a total of 15 summons
         after purchasing the Start Dash Pack again following the reset.


[Start Dash Pack Drop Rate Info]

 1st - 8th summons

Hero Grade

Drop Rate

Artifact Grade

Drop Rate

5 Hero


5 Artifact


4 Hero


4 Artifact


3 Hero


3 Artifact


 9th summon (5 Artifact Guaranteed Summon)

Hero Grade

Drop Rate

Artifact Grade

Drop Rate



5 Artifact


 10th summon (5 Hero Guaranteed Summon)

Hero Grade

Drop Rate

Artifact Grade

Drop Rate

5 Hero




 Go to [Shop > Packs > Start Dash Pack > Buy > Details] for more information.


■ Heroes and Artifacts

- The relationship scenarios of 3 Hero, Adventurer Ras, have been updated according to the progress of the story.

- On the Hero Review screen, the appearance of a sub skill description when viewing skill descriptions will be improved.


■ Adventure and Story

- An issue where a media file error message was displayed after the first video when playing the prologue story
  with auto-play, will be fixed.

- Improvements will be made and you can now move directly to Chapter 9, North Wintenberg after completing 
  Episode 3, Chapter 8, Lone Tundra.

- An issue where the chair was not displayed properly in the NPC image in Episode 3, Chapter 9, North Wintenberg
  AP Exchange, will be fixed.

- An issue where the [Awakened Adin] notification would not be displayed in certain situations in Episode 4, will be fixed.

- A “Receive All” option will be added for rewards in [Side Story > Reputation].

- A notification will now display in the Lobby and Quick Menu when there is a mission to complete a Side Story album.


■ Battle

- Adjustments will be made in the text displayed when attempting to enter the Raid Labyrinth Azmakalis (Normal)
  before satisfying the entry conditions.

- An intermittent issue in Raid Labyrinth Azmakalis (Hell) where the [Select Team] option did not work properly, will be fixed.

- An issue in Abyss Floor 100 where the boss monster, Onix Wyvern, uses its <Tail Swing> without resetting 
  its Combat Readiness, will be fixed.


■ Other

- A warning message will now display when attempting to sell an event artifact.

- The sort button will be improved to display the filter currently in use.

- An issue where the check-in reward window was overlapped by surrounding UI, will be fixed.

Thank you.




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    BESTYou have a serious issue dude 

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    BEST5 star suins when???

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      epic7#a9d605Tomorrow banner will be Alencia and continuing Laika banner.

      Cerise rerun banner will be on January 20th.

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      YumenoYumejiTy for the info, ive been waiting for cerise banner to coke for too long

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    I expect big for the next patch notes

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      I think this is the big patch reveal

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      nsaudbx13Remnant Violet is **** lol 

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      nsaudbx13First of all - Champion in arena... but who da F bothers themselves with arena? And why are you spitting talking sh*t if you can't see my RTA ranks? Poor guy got butt hurt LOL That's adorable... go back to plating the game. Maybe u gonna learn something. ****

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    5 star suins when???

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    No Luna in story again ??? what a garbage writter .

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      You have a serious issue dude 

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      Not everything is going to revolve around Luna you obsessed troglodyte.

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    the last set of 3* characters was only girls

    and now we have only 1 boy

    Next time, 3* characters will be only MEN !!

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      He looks a bit flamboyant, but in addition to the suin Muwi is apparently male as well

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      The ice unit and the fire unit are both guys. 

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    And now, New 3star heros have skill that have effect greater than 5star.

    Rimuru need to hit target to have fixed damage.

    Alencia have % to use addition attack of S2. But 3star only need to have buff to use addition attack.

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      2022.01.05 12:33 (UTC+0)

      OleronThey SURELY have worse stats than 5*s.

      Compare the heroes of the same element, class and star sign but different rarity and you'll see the difference.

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      2022.01.05 16:00 (UTC+0)

      The enemy has to counterattack to stack it, where as Rimuru just needs buffs on his team to do 10k extra if he hits(8 buffs cap it out). These are completely different and rimuru is much much better.

      Alencia has hp scaling on her skills. This knight has no hp scaling and a base attack of 700. It's there to debuff not to kill. This isn't a 3 star ilynav. Well most likely at least(it'd be shocking if it was).

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    The new 3 star look amazing

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    2022.01.05 12:09 (UTC+0)

    wow 3star hero 

    well, SG can you remove gear normal and good rarity, idk why.. even for newbies it's useless, or you can re-arrangement rarity gear. then sometimes when the repeated battle in event story stop because the bag is full of normal and good gear.

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      SSBsThighsWhat do you expect from stove ppl they’re the incarnation of being entitled

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      SSBsThighsI think it's a viable feedback with a bit of a UX thinking. Solution could be as simple as to apply the same method they just used on penguins aka instead of collecting hundreds of trash gray and green gear and overflow your inventory - accumulate it as a gear score that will be automatically converted into charms same as EXP into penguins. 2 problems solved - less elements to keep in game visually, less inventory needed to manage, and stackable elements that can be utilized by new and end-game players. 

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    Nat 4* confirmed dead tier.

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    hm, new 3* looks pretty good. 

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    I absolutely love these 3* kit designs. Here's hoping we can use them!

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    no new booba unit 

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    2022.01.05 17:55 (UTC+0)

    3*s are crap. Only MLs are worth anything. Perhaps it'd be better to make more skins instead.

    Alternatively, buff older MLs who look like a joke compared to new ones, even after SC: Rikoris, Eaton, Elson, Gunther, Batisse, Gloomyrain.

  • images
    2022.01.05 18:18 (UTC+0)

    Really hoping for SG to speed up the balancing process.
    Too many units have been or mistreated or nulled by the new/current meta and require loving.

    Units like:

    Dillabet (that was released garbage and never got a buff)




    ML Ken




    Faithless Lidica





    etc etc etc

    The list is very long. And in 2020, we have been promised more frequent balances and EEs. Instead, it feels like the process slowed down even more.

    It is great that you guys are releasing new units - but maybe it's time to slow down a bit with new units and analyze the current state of the game, meta, tiers, and really BALANCE things out.

    Yes, that means nerfs too. 

    • images
      2022.01.06 02:59 (UTC+0)

      HanabisanAgreed. I don't see why SG can't just do an ML Selector that only contains the ML Connection characters. That way they're not giving out free ML Lilias, FCC, LRK, Straze, ML Kawerik, etc, but can appease us people who would like to exchange mediocre ken for something else.

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      2022.01.11 04:33 (UTC+0)

      Don't forget about Mort, he is still **** even after his recent buff.

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    2022.01.05 18:26 (UTC+0)

    Looking forward to getting cooi s of Rengar aka Januta.

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