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your game is **** [1]

Stop rigging your game you sadistic freaks. if your percentages are really as they are displayed, 

Then tell me how i always witness a dualstrike heading my direction with sever impact on the game, and tell me why mine only seem to ******* me if I ever were to win the lottery and get one in the first place . 

Tell me how i always proc rem counters with single roana prods.

Tell me why everyone's Landy has 350% eff res. 

Tell me how to this day i have yet to pull an ALots or AOL. 

Tell me how back then, as soon as i recalled CZerato for CDom, I pull a CDom the day after. 

Tell me why my counter set chance has magically been stacked to their counter set chance. 

Tell me why you refuse to balance your game correctly, CUZ MAKING JKISE'S S2 AS USELESS AS PRE-PRE-BUFF LIDICA DID NOT SEEM TO DO SHIT. 

Tell me why you refuse to nerf anything.

Tell me how ive just missed an mldb violet 7 times in a row in with a + 30 Symbol of Mother ******* Unity Milim. ******* TELL ME, CUZ THATS NOT 15% YOU SADISTIC CUNTS. 

These probably never happen to any other account on existence cuz my ones under my name, think you guys are any unluckier, ******* TRY ME, cuz OH BOY this is only the tip of my flaccid dick.

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    2022.01.04 01:52 (UTC+0)

    You're weird.

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