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Expedition Depot shouldn't end so soon [3]

I think there should be recurring rewards every 200 or 300 points after the completion of the expedition depot. Once 2000 points are hit for all 3 expedition bosses, make the depot drop a greater modification gem selection chest every 200 points. If greater is too much, then make it a lesser(with a chance of greater) modification gem selection chest. It feels like some substats from specific sets are too rare and when the depot is completely finished, there isn't much incentive to complete other peoples' expeditions other than your own. 

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    2021.12.19 14:40 (UTC+0)

    not bad idea, this will encourage people to play expedition more despite depot reward have been claim. To wait for full month for reward to refresh is pain for just one selective modification to get another same low roll. I did suggest them to rework the modification where it would increase by minimum 1% when you reroll until it reach max available option/range given which would reduce all these nonsense hassle

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    2021.12.19 16:04 (UTC+0)

    I too already called for something like this as well. Gold and Medium artifact charms and the universal gear charms for example, since charms are one of those weird annoying mecanics that is there just to slow you down.

    Doubt we get anything though. QoL updates are not something this company cares or is good at.

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    2021.12.20 05:15 (UTC+0)

    I agree, some rewards to incentivize people to keep doing expedition.

    mod gems, charms and gold, reforge mats or chests. This would be a huge qol improvement.

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