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Concept for labyrinth/dungeon style pve addition [2]

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  • 2021.12.19 07:55 (UTC+0)
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In essence this game mode would function like a shifting labyrinth/dungeon where there isn’t a set path to travel. The rooms we’d get to explore would consist of boss rooms, add rooms, 1 or 2 treasure rooms, dead ends, 1 or 2 challenge rooms, the main (final) boss room, and a hidden/chaos gate-esq (a room that doesn’t/shouldn’t belong to the area) corridor. The encounters and room locations are completely randomized but as you explore you get to chart out the map so you can back track if needed. However, if you use “retreat” or take too long to reach the final boss, the labyrinth will restructure itself while you’re in it and reset your map. Any rewards obtained from defeating enemies can’t be obtained again if this happens but you may have to fight those enemies again. 

Unlike the labyrinth we currently have, there wouldn’t be a morale system. Instead there’d be a time limit which dictates both the difficulty of the main boss and how long you have until the structure reconfigures itself. As for the party, you’d be able to set up 5 teams of 3 units before entering. At the start of an encounter you’d have the option to **** your team but this can only be done once per encounter so you need to choose wisely. In the event that one of your teams gets wiped or is about to get wiped during a non-final boss battle you’d have the option to “retreat”. This function can be used twice throughout a run. The 1st usage allows you to escape an encounter and heals/revives downed or low hp allies to 25% of their max hp. The 2nd usage does the same thing except the value increases to 50% but the entire party gets inflicted with a debuff called “Spite” which 

 increases the damage your party takes from battle. For the team that “retreat” was used on the value is 50%. For your other teams it’s 25%. 

The adds/mini-bosses will have a randomized element (RBG) and depending on the week, a particular bonus and weakness against a particular class. The adds ought to have one set of skills whilst the mini-bosses should have 3(one for each element). The bosses in the challenge rooms would be either Light or Dark enemies. These bosses and their adds won’t take damage like normal ones would. Essentially you’d use their mechanics to damage each other and eventually take out the boss (more like a puzzle game). For example, say you were fighting the light version. Each add has a number which dictates the order and what they’ll attack (say 1-3). Whenever the add takes a turn that number increases by 1. If that add or an ally add takes damage (not including the boss) the number increases by 1. If the number counter is on 1 it’ll hit you, 2 it’ll target another add, or 3 the boss. The boss has a mechanic which triggers its adds to attack after a certain number of turns so the objective would be to have it so when the adds are set to attack they’ll target the boss and not you. 

The final boss encounter will function differently from the others. This boss will randomly switch between elements (all 5) every time it’s max hp decreases to a certain threshold. Each elemental iteration should have different mechanics/interactions/immunities. 

For example, if it swapped to earth, the boss would only take significant and increased damage from burns whilst also being susceptible to stuns/sleeps and CR push backs. In addition to these vulnerabilities, if the boss has a burn on it before/after being slept the sleep would turn into a stun and reset its CR (capped to some extent obviously). A comp that could work in such a scenario could include Aramintha/M. Hazel/Fire Tene. As such, during this encounter when it swaps you have the choice to **** your team as well but it’ll cost you a turn. However, in this encounter you aren’t allowed to “retreat”. 

In an ideal world this mode would encourage the usage of forgotten/under used/for fun units (SC units, nat 3*s, etc). Difficulty-wise it shouldn’t be abyss floor 999 where if you so much as breath you get nuked but at the same time you shouldn’t be able to just cheese it. If anything it should feel more rewarding using units you actually like as opposed to what’s op. 

As for the treasure room(s) there will essentially be 1 chest per room with the possibility for a 2nd chest to be in the same room. The 1st one doesn’t have any sort of catch to open but the 2nd one will either get locked or blocked off if you don’t reach it fast enough if it happens to spawn. 

The hidden corridor would also be on a time limit and would normally be found near the challenge rooms or the treasure rooms. On occasion they’d spawn within the main boss room after you defeat it. This corridor would function as a lore device which could either show us lore nuggets from Orbis, the labyrinth and its connection to the main boss, or even alternate realities connected to Orbis.

As for the rewards for defeating the main boss, they could introduce a new item/component which can be reforged to imprint a unit. To be more specific the boss would drop either an Fire/ice/earth/light/dark component and after gathering like 4 of a specific component it can be reforged into an imprint for a unit of that specific element. (The likelihood of them introducing something like this is next to none but a guy can dream. And yes, unknown slates are a thing but we get 1 per season and you need either 5/6 to SSS a unit.) Since this would be the main reward for clearing it, this item/component would only be obtainable once per cycle/rotation. If they really wanted to they could even introduce a quest line that’d have us find a way to break the main boss out of the labyrinth and make them a playable character.

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    2021.12.19 15:40 (UTC+0)

    I think they won't do that cause that would be fun, and fun is againt the dev's policy.

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    2021.12.21 11:34 (UTC+0)

    Just by seeing how much effort you put into this idea, I know it'll never happen. Look at how advent side story turned out as "new content" and tell me an idea as detailed as this has any chance of happening.

    Honestly, if you can have ideas this creative, I'd say make your own game. And I don't mean that in a "if you don't like this game get the f*** out of here we don't want you" kind of way. I mean that unironically. This mode you've come up with could be an entire game in and of itself.

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