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Gear Enhancing Improvement n etc


After the last "updates" on gear system, devs should make more improvement on it. Nowsday, all player see just new heroes over and over. Its kind of waste of time and resources, since thats doesnt help player at all. Players got big problem in getting good gears, since the game launched. 

11-14 layers on RNG is too much, and considered bloated in this game, just only to get a piece of good gear. Every updates on gear system in the past only happened when players rioting and review bomb the game. Its kind of absurd.

Devs should focus on improving it more instead of releasing heroes that players doesnt even use. Same goes to heroes balancing, its like the devs themselves doesnt even play and know whatever happened in the game.

Also, most of exclusive equipment doesnt help much overall and waste of time doing it. It only useable in pve contents (what pve content?? adventure mode??).

I would like to suggest on allowing player to choose which substats to improve. The rng are still there for low/high roll, but allowing player to choose, will make every pieces of gear "useable".

I would call this, "Advance enhancing". The propose cost is 10 skystone for each gear, to unlock it.

Also, limit the speed substat to 2-3 increment increasing. Other substats should be fine as it is. Big problem is for speed substat only.

This will open a lot of possible build, and make each gear "useable''.

Player already on edge and fatigue, keep farming nonstop. Some quit because its pointless, spending money to pull new heroes if they dont have gears to spare. 

Toxic meta, insufficient banning system, no nerf policies, purpose drop broken unit, lack of content, too much rng in game, especially gear system, make this game bad.

Honestly, the most important thing i care is gear system. Its first time in my life seeing game with 11-14 layers of rng to get a piece of gear. Changes only made because player rioting. The changes made doest solve much in the end. Putting rng to solve rng.

Imagine getting paycheck each month between 1000-1500 dollar each month. Its absurd.

Something need to be done. Also, i realised Smilegate in developing new game. I dont know whether this game will just another platform to fund that game. I hope not.

Players love this game, but devs just keep silencing about it. Promises about new contents still not fulfill.

Hope for the good future for 17 years gameplay to come.

Thank you for reading, and hope for properly balance the heroes and improve gear system.

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