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End year event [15]

Just wondering.

Is there any events or gift at the end of the year like free summon or free covenant bookmark or else related to two things above??

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    2021.12.17 11:29 (UTC+0)

    will be announced in the livestream next week

    a bit of patience is required 

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    2021.12.17 11:51 (UTC+0)

    I'm sure it's a bevy of in game goodies since they didn't deliver half of the developer roadmap. And hope everyone is happy with that... spoiler alert. Veterans will not be.

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    2021.12.17 16:26 (UTC+0)

    My guess:

    - Xmas epic pass + kanna skin (the rewards might be a bit diff than usual pass probably far better especially the bm)

    - Free summon as usual 10x for 7 days

    - Monthly+newyear buff as we knew already

    - Hopefully another craft event in january

    - Xmas package sale + burning passion pack

    - Ancient inheritance something content almost the end 2021 already (quarter 4 they said)

    - New sidestory ofc related to aftermath of ep3

    - New chapter ep 4? There is new fox waifu (similiar to fate extra fox pink haired caster aka Tamamo-no-Mae) in e7herder leak

    Doubt there will be new limited xmas unit, save your bm till april new/rerun collab limited.

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    2021.12.18 19:36 (UTC+0)

    All I want for Christmas is either 2 Unknown Slates or Recall ticket. I don't need anything else. 

    EDIT Okay maybe, if they surprised us and released new EEs I'd be content with that.

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