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Hunt 13 cleared...wait, what? [14]

Where to start with this...
Finally decided to Max out one of my pets since I haven't touched them for almost a year.

Cute little thing.

Then needed more Dark Steel so I could make more Attack Armor pieces, wasn't paying attention and just dove into the Golem Hunt on Auto...

"Stage 13 Clear"

Uh, what?!

Decide to try out the rest of the Hunts, suddenly all of the Hunt Stage 13 were Cleared.
Wyvern and Caides had to do manually but ended up finally clearing their Stage 13.

What's really baffling me is that I just used the same Hunt Teams that could get me to Hunt 12 but they couldn't get through Hunt 13, the last time I attempted that was back in September. The characters had been maxed out long ago and haven't been changed:

Wyrvern: Seaside Bellona, Tamarine, Sigret, Angelica
Golem: Mascot Hazel, Sol Badguy, Adventurer Raz, Researcher Carrot
Banshee: Seaside Bellona, Bellona, Tamarine, Angelica
Azimanak: Bellona, Angelica, Tamarine, Falconer Kluri
Caides: Iseria, Challenger Dominel, Tamarine, Falconer Kluri

I'm finding it really strange that these same teams that couldn't clear Hunt 13 months ago can now clear the 13th Hunt, all because I maxed out one of the Pets. Shouldn't complain much, finally through the Hunt levels.

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    2021.12.16 00:35 (UTC+0)

    Pets don't boost the team stats or anything. It's probably just RNG.

    Btw, you should have made your pets focused on one activity. So, have a pet that is for hunts only (chance for extra crafting material, chance for random hunt equipment drop, chance for charms to drop)

    Also, what? People farm golem?

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    2021.12.16 00:35 (UTC+0)

    You sure you didn’t just get better gear and that’s why you can clear it now?

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    2021.12.16 03:23 (UTC+0)

    Yea, you cleared Golem because that is the typical level 13 Golem party to use. Not to mention they even nerfed banshees, golem, and azmanak. Has nothing to do with your wiered adventure/rune stat pet. And why would you use that pet for hunts? I suggest you replace mid stat with stats that drops catalysts in adventure and make that your adventure pet.

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    2021.12.16 05:32 (UTC+0)

    I've never bothered with the pet system...not even sure how I am suppose to level that sh** up or how to upgrade

    too complicated =_=

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    2021.12.16 12:12 (UTC+0)

    Well congrats, idc what everyone else says, clearing 13 is still a good achievement! Hopefully you can find consistency in your runs.

    Also Amoria and Flappy Owl are such cute pets! But the best one is still grumpy cat~

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