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How i wished RTA would give conquest points. [3]

Hi! I'm hardly a super PVP player or do I have good gear, but well... RTA is indeed fun... but the lack of rewards (I don't know how to put this... English is not my native language, but I am trying, sorry if I do some war crime... and yeah... I know we can get free skins that are even differently voiced) is somewhat discouraging... and you need to chose in the final to get a skin or the conquests points to upgrade some units is... well... sad... don't know if this is a general feeling but at least 1 or 2 conquest points would  help tremendous. 

Well, this is me just crying loud for some more... epic seven is a game that no other can compare in terms of free and friendly progression... wish you all good luck in the climb! We have finally a Husbando skin this season!

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    2021.12.04 02:23 (UTC+0)

    My question for you, is what do you plan to do about people who go into RTA and just instantly surrender for conquest points?

    What about if someone doesn't get first pick, or they don't like the opponents draft, so they surrender.
    Suddenly everytime you play RTA you end up having to queue for 5 matches before you run into someone who wants to play and isn't just in it for free rewards.

    Entry to RTA is free because nothing but "points" are awarded. If any sort of reward is given per match basis, it cannot be given without some sort of entry fee.

    An entry fee is another problem that often causes the problem of " The rich get richer" or "Only the whales can climb so high". Thus our current system is necessary. We cannot reward people for just going in, and we cannot reward them for just winning, or else we get exploits in the system where people with very much free time can progress outside of the system.

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    작성자 2021.12.04 06:37 (UTC+0)

    Well this does indeed make sense, I was wondering if a dodge system with time out can do well in the first problem, but it will penalize people with connection problems...it's sad that people can just abuse of something but  yeah, not much we can do about that... anyway, thanks for the insight!

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    2021.12.04 19:51 (UTC+0)

    Imo it should gift you stuff after some wins, so like every 10 wins up to 100 wins you get conquest points or maybe Skystones but only giving us a skin which you can acquire later on in the shop isn’t doing it for me. :( 

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