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Game Maintenance


Game Maintenance

[Update] 12/2 (Thu) Update Notice [52]

Hello, Heirs! 

This is GM Dominiel.


* Please note that for this week, no maintenance will be required, and the update will be applied automatically.

Please see below for more details.


1. World Arena Conviction Season Begins!

The World Arena pre-season will end and the Conviction Season will begin. 

We are excited for your fair and fierce competition this season!


■ Schedule

- The following is the schedule for the end of the World Arena pre-season and the start of the Conviction Season.



Pre-Season Ending

12/4 (Sat) 02:59 UTC

Conviction Season Beginning

12/4 (Sat) 05:00 UTC

Conviction Season Ending


 All servers follow the same schedule for the end of the pre-season and for the Conviction Season.


■ How to Enter

- Rank 60 and above

- Have more than four Heroes from each Class that are starting grade 2 or higher, excluding Phantasma.

  (Have at least 24 Heroes to enter)


■ Conviction Season Background Adjustments

- Adjustments will be made to the Arena entry banner, lobby, and battle backgrounds.


■ Conviction Season Rewards

- At the end of the Conviction Season, you will earn season rewards based on your final league grade.



Go to World Arena > Ranking > Season Rewards



[Skin Information]

 The skin image will be revealed through a separate notice during the season.

[Frame Information]




Splendid Conviction Frame I

[A frame bestowed only to those who reached the top in the Conviction Season]

Rewarded to those who finished the season in the Legend League in the World Arena Conviction Season

Splendid Conviction Frame II

[A frame bestowed only to those who showed remarkable strength in the Conviction Season]

Rewarded to those who finished the season in the Emperor League in the World Arena Conviction Season

Splendid Conviction Frame III

[A frame bestowed only to those with outstanding ability in the Conviction Season]

Rewarded to those who finished the season in the Champion League in the World Arena Conviction Season

Splendid Conviction Frame IV

[A frame bestowed only to those who achieved victory in the Conviction Season]

Rewarded to those who finished the season in the Challenger League in the World Arena Conviction Season

Splendid Conviction Frame V

[A frame bestowed only to those who bravely challenged the Conviction Season.]

Rewarded to those who finished the season in the Master League or below in the World Arena Conviction Season

[Background Pack]

- Players who have played a match in the World Arena Conviction Season more than once will receive a Background Pack. (Includes players who have not completed placements)

2. Advent Side Story - Enraged Blazing Emissary

Dazzled Magnar is here to meet our Heirs with a new look!

Challenge this Side Story and acquire Dark Connection, Greater Modification Gems, and a variety of rewards.


■ Schedule

12/2 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 12/16 (Thu) 02:59 UTC


■ How to Enter

After clearing Episode 2 Chapter 10-10, go to the Lobby and tap [Battle] > [Side Story].


■ How to Play

- The stage difficulties consist of 3 levels, Hard/Hell/Epic Hell.

- Players may select a higher difficulty after successfully clearing the one before it.

- Epic Hell difficulty can be cleared up to 5 times during the side story period.


[Event Currency] 





Regular Currency

[Little Flame of the Inferno]

A small ball of fire that's unpleasantly warm.



Special Currency

[Inferno Origin]

It contains a madness that desires to burn everything and wishes to escape.

Epic Hell


 Collected Little Flame of the Inferno can be exchanged to Inferno Origin in Exchange. (Max. 10)


[Enhanced Element]

- You must assign two or more Heroes of the same element to receive an enhanced element buff.

- The enhanced element buff for each team is different.

- The enhanced element buff of the team is proportional to the number of Heroes with the same element. 


Enhanced Element


Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Level 1

Two heroes of the same element.

+20% max Health

+20% Speed 

+20% Attack

Level 2

Three heroes of the same element.

+40% max Health 

+40% Speed 

+40% Attack

 Teams saved in this Advent Side Story will not be maintained in the next Advent Side Story.

 Advent Side Story does not provide any EXP, Friendship EXP, and Penguin Mileage.



- Players will be able to exchange the event currency, Little Flame of the Inferno and Inferno Origin, for items in the Exchange.

- Players will be able to exchange event currency for items up to one week after the Side Story ends. Unused event currency after that period will then be deleted.

3. Sigret and Cradle of Life Drop Rate Up

In this Drop Rate Up event, meet Sigret, an Ice elemental Warrior who deals high damage through additional attacks and inflicts extinction on the enemy.

Players can also obtain the Warrior exclusive Artifact, Cradle of Life, which has a chance to inflict a random debuff after using a basic skill.


■ Schedule

12/2 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 12/9 (Thu) 02:59 UTC


4. Powder of Knowledge Shop Item List Rotation

■ Sale Period

12/2 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 2022/1/13 (Thu) 02:59 UTC


Cost (Powder of Knowledge)

Purchase Limit

Bottle of Knowledge



Greater Artifact Charm



Lesser Artifact Charm



5 Shepherd of the Hollow



5 Idol's Cheer



5 Crimson Moon of Nightmares



5 Song of Stars



4 Elyha's Knife



4 Eternus



4 Strak Gauntlet



4 Steadfast Gatekeeper




Thank you.

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Finally an husbando skin for RTA I hope its good looking design.


ARBY SKIN !!!!!!!! 


female arby ?

*** I dont know how to feel. On one side I am so happy he is getting a skin, on the other I am so sad, ever since I read the EP1  I fell in love with his character and only barely managed to start the game at the end of Vildreds epic pass skin. Dont have the units nor the gear to get to masters, I hope there will be a chance to at least buy it sometime after the season ends T_T I really love him and will still try to grind rta but with only two units that have gear on pvp level I dont think I stand a chance :(

And next specialty change sometime this year or next ,would be,...drum roll please....  Muchacha, a great super fast addition plus who knows what else he does if this could happen for us! 


(Now just bring him back to life in the story please, then I’ll play and spend money on the game til I die OWO<3)

Game is amazing, but *** damn our gamers here are just thirsty ass virgins...

Arbiter Vildred skin? Ok I'm fine with that. This'll be the first skin that doesn't have booba on it. I like booba as much as the next guy but I believe we need balance in the force. 

And the frames look nice as always. They fit with winter.

Damn, I thought it waa the F. tene. Banner  Dx  Is that next week?

Congrats to those who select arby as their moonlight blessing And good luck in RTA 

Awwww Poopenschitz!! I ate RTA but they force you to play it for the skin. How about fixing ML Mercedes and some other bad ML5s. Also give us a discount on the galaxy coin shop please. 



Arby better not have any pants like all the other RTA skins so far or we riot

Tried two games in RTA against RNG blessed p2w asians from global... Thanks SG, i'll pass.

So free unequip ends then Advent Side story starts... wish it would last for the first few days of each Advent story.


 skin female arby pls


we r getting a free hurado

Heh, Dark connections. For others that translates to a 5* ml, for me that's just another A. Cartuja

...are you joking...no you get battisse or hurado...

What about mystic rotation ? who's the gonna be the next moonlight in the mystic rotation tomorrow ?

Judge kise 

you 're joking right? just open your game rn kek

Arby Skin announced the day after I randomly pull my first Arby!!!

Pity I don't RTA lol...

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