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Already nerfed Zahhak [51]

  Explain this SG

Trailers always shows not molaed skills, for example.  

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    2021.11.25 10:45 (UTC+0)

    already 3rd awakening yet? still don't have him 

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    2021.11.25 10:49 (UTC+0)

    Do I miss something here?

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    2021.11.25 10:55 (UTC+0)

    4 turns Skill Cooldown, jeez then the fight is already over kekw!

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    2021.11.25 10:58 (UTC+0)

    I build him with speed and penetration set but the damage is not enough

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    2021.11.25 11:03 (UTC+0)

    SG need to read this 

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    2021.11.25 11:04 (UTC+0)

    The skill description in the hero introduction is awakened. Your freshly pulled Zahhak is unawakened. I don't see a difference both on them except for the amount of souls that aquire. Need a clarify

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    2021.11.25 11:12 (UTC+0)

    Yes, I hope they fix it. Because 3 turns CD or 4 is a significant difference.

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    2021.11.25 11:23 (UTC+0)

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    2021.11.25 12:24 (UTC+0)

    Well, it's not a mistake. They really did nerf him in the few hours between then PV and the update. The skill details in the update notice is already the nerfed version. Shame. CD3 and CD4 makes a ton of difference, especially when he doesn't have an extra turn SB.

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    2021.11.25 12:35 (UTC+0)

    If anyone's in doubt go check Ran's Preview. He was released about a month ago and his cooldowns are shown without mola upgrades.

    They did nerf him.

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    2021.11.25 12:57 (UTC+0)

    It is not nerfed, the English video sometimes has translation error. Look at Korea video it says acquires 3 souls and 5 turn cd. Compare to English version which says acquire 2 souls and 4 turn cd, is in fact a translation error. Sometimes what shown in video doesn't mean is correct description, have to look at patch note or in Korea video.


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    2021.11.25 13:06 (UTC+0)

    Well this is annoying 

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    2021.11.25 13:55 (UTC+0)

    If they won't make changes now, maybe a buff in future.

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    2021.11.25 14:22 (UTC+0)

    People asking for buffs cause of this change?

    This guy literally counters a huge portion of the meta..he's still good

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    2021.11.25 15:31 (UTC+0)

    Please for the love of God, tell me you guys are joking and not actually this dumb.

    Trailers ALWAYS show the skills at max skillups.  The Hero card and update notice (as well as the balance patches) show the skills at base value without any skillups.

    Literally nothing changed.  Zahhak didn't get nerfed.  He has a 5 turn cd before skill ups and 4 turn after. 

    Smh stove 

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    2021.11.25 17:56 (UTC+0)

    watched his showcase on elvemage's twitch stream and he seems to be better than just ok.  he ran him on speed/pen.  he punishes buff abusers and deals alot of injury.  elve said he reminds him of straze--you must ensure he gets a turn or else you're boomed.   he's very strong against slow teams.

    advise on summons is that if you're a new f2p, he is a borderline skip but only bc ftene banner is coming.

    if you already have ftene, he is basically a must pull unit.

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