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So when's my boy Taranor Guard getting a speciality change? [9]

  • ThatOneDude
  • 2021.11.25 05:33 (UTC+0)
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Might've been asked before. But yeah, so many 3* waifus are usually getting a specialty change first. It kinda makes me afraid that this dude will never get a specialty change because he's just a nameless dude and Smile Gate will most likely skip him or even the Royal Guard over the other 3* heroes all the time. Probably even move over to Episode 2 or 3 heroes like Lena or Penelope and give them specialty change instead. Butcher Corps Inquisitor and Church of IIryos Axe makes sense cause they're standalone characters and not many, unlike the Taranor Guards. The Taranor Army could use some more soldiers to increase their military ranks in the main story. So yeah, it be cool to see one promoted or something other than just having Krau and Captain Rikoris.

On a side note: I think a Ranger Class of the Taranor Guard would be cool to have too, like the Aakhen Patroller that assists Furious in Episode 2, but we never get to play as them. Having three variants of the Taranor Guard with Krau as the leader would seem pretty fun to have on a team together.

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    2021.11.25 06:53 (UTC+0)

    Yeah, other than ** is a generic no-name filler character, ** is also not too useless, unlike some 3* that are desperately need some boost. I'm not against giving TG--or I might add Alexa-- a SC, but I think they don't need it too much.

    EDIT: why the duck T-G is censored?

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    2021.11.25 06:57 (UTC+0)

    ** is very usable, so I can't complain when they give SCs to non-usable 3-stars.

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    2021.11.25 07:21 (UTC+0)

    at this rate with best luck we will get his SC in april 2022

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    2021.11.25 09:19 (UTC+0)

    If it ever happens, open up the visor.

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    2021.11.25 10:19 (UTC+0)

    I wish his SC was special- got a name, a face, a story etc. I also wish Eaton's SC made him human. But we'll probably never see these.

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