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Ilynav is the worst designed hero in the game [26]

Ilynav might be the worst designed hero in the game

Get punished for putting Mola into s1, get punished for not doing it. Has nothing extra on it like attack debuff (because you have 50% chance of it not happening if you actually want it). Hits about as hard as a soul weaver because Mola is bad investment.

S2 weaker than Charles s2 but somehow still replace s1 instead of being an extra attack. Low single target dmg, no aoe with dispel.

Now the EE. Is she supposed to be a speed unit? I don't see in what world any of these would benefit her otherwise and even then it's laughably bad.

For the person with reading comprehension in the replies, this isn't about "making my waifu top tier". I don't even mention how she fits into PVE or PVP and how GOOD she is. I'm talking about how S1 is designed. This is not about wanting a DMG buff or killing the meta single-handedly with Ilynav. It's about S1's design and the justification behind the penalties behind it.

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    2021.11.24 21:37 (UTC+0)

    ok, use the other hundreds of heroes instead.
    look how easy it is to solve.

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    2021.11.24 21:47 (UTC+0)

    i wouldn't go so far as to say she's the worst, but can't deny she's not in a good spot rn.  

    balance in this game is off.  developers are just power boosting whoever they see fit each "balance" patch, dumpstering the rest of the characters in the game. 

    If i could trade my account for even a 5 percent refund in exchange, i would happily take it.

    if you want to win, just play whoever was included in the latest balance patch.  move your best gear onto them and deal with it.

    diene got completely dumpstered by ml kawerick, and it still doesn't make sense why they went so far with his buffs.  just look at djb's buff....  but for mlk, they overdid it, (also) a male support unit (but) with virtually no relevance to the lore. diene is a queen, btw.  kawerick is a replacable and forgettable nobody in comparison, but completely and totally outshines and outclasses diene, having stolen her cr mechanic and then some.  

    i regret having ever put faith in these developers by patronizing the game.

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    2021.11.24 21:58 (UTC+0)

    Another post that's basically "My waifu isn't gamebreaking so she's the worst in the game!!!!1!111!1"

    "Get punished for putting Mola into s1, get punished for not doing it. "

    That's a contradiction. Could you pick one? Imagine the same being said about Charles. 

    "Hits about as hard as a soul weaver because Mola is bad investment. "

    Must be a troll...

    This guy doesn't put any molas on her and then complains she doesn't hit hard.

    "S2 weaker than Charles s2 "

    Charles' s2 doesn't have HP multipliers. Not just that, she has a very high multiplier comapred to other HP-based bruisers like Alencia, Mort, Ken etc.

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    2021.11.24 22:23 (UTC+0)

    They should learn from Luna  , RNG S1 isn't work in this game , if reward isn't big enough .

    when it's rng on s1 that value from RNG should be huge , they can't just use program to find the average dmg because The factor here is this game is Turn base that rely on speed , it's not same as other Turn base game .

    in Epic 7 every one don't really have 1 turn , it's depend on speed . which it make RNG S1 unit is bad ( Luna , Illynav ) unlike ramp up S1 unit  ( Landy , Ravi ) or conditional S1 ( Kise , Zahark , Charles  )

    The only unit that's work with RNG is Tomoca , on average her S1 dmg is lower than Luna however it's not like that because average dmg mean nothing since you can heal , shield , invi , barrier , Stun , provoke and unit won't die , unit live with half hp still live anyway . meanwhile Tomoca 40% chance to deal big damage that's meaning She has 40% chance to kill . 

    in short

    Tomoca 40% to kill 

    Luna 15 % to kill 15% to waste 1 turn

    Illynav 50% for nothing

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    2021.11.24 22:39 (UTC+0)

    DEV , you can't just use logic wow this unit avg dmg is high so it will be great

    no it doesn't work like that

    Your game doesn't use logic as the other game , in other turn base game every one get 1 turn per rotation . in epic 7 you can get many turn depend on speed/cr and support / disrupter usually get  turn more than dps.

    ( example Diene and Luna they have same speed  , Diene get 50% cr boost meaning Diene will out turn Luna , with heal + barrier if Luna don't get lucky with 15% Luna can't  kill Diene  )

    This is meaning  Support can ignore most of dmg from dps and when it's not consistency , you can't kill anyway.

    Luna is great example why RNG S1 doesn't work , if reward isn't big enough .

    don't make more mistake.

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    2021.11.25 02:22 (UTC+0)

    DJB says hold my beer, and he’s a moonlight 5.

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    2021.11.25 04:36 (UTC+0)

    either way i dont and wont using her

    not into choco waifu so much anyway

    i even skip her in selective summon ep 3

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