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[Hero Concept] ep.10 [6]

This series has come to its 10th episode.

It's been a ride and I really had fun thinking about those concepts.

Thank you all for your view, like and comments :)

This time I got something special. Enjoy :)

Class: Soul Weaver


[S1 - Reflection]

Attack an enemy. Cannot trigger a Counterattack.

When used on the caster's turn, has a 20% chance to activate current Eclipse effect.

//Only proc Eclipse active effect, regardless if it's on cooldown or not

//Eclipse is non-attack skill so Reflection hit or miss does not affect Eclipse proc


[S2 - Astral Rift] CD: 4 Turns

Shifts Eclipse phase, dealing additional damage to all enemies and decrease cooldown of the caster for 1 turn.

//Hits a little harder than Elena S3

//Non-attack skill 


[S3 - Eclipse] CD: 4 Turns

Start the game with Lunar/Solar Eclipse based on player's local time.

Both Eclipse phases share the same cooldown.


<Lunar Eclipse>

Grant Immortality to an ally for 1 turn.

When this skill is available,

enemies Revived are permanently Silenced. Cannot be dispelled until they die.


<Solar Eclipse>

Inflict one permanent Burn effect on an enemy. Cannot be dispelled until it dies.

When this skill is available,

enemies Revived deal 50% damage, and receive 200% damage.





S1 cannot trigger a Counterattack.

This hero can attack anyone, without the worry of being countered.

S2 switches between Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse.

S3 defalt phase syncs with player's local time, creating a special sense of reality.


Eclipse passive effect weakens Revived enemies.

However, player needs to not cast Eclipse to make passive work.

Whenever Eclipse is used, player risks missing the chance of punishing Revive.

This hero needs survivability to work, like most soul weavers.

Low attack makes Solar Eclipse's permanent Burn not a critical threat,

but a debuff placer, or chip damage.

Can build Attack/Health but not optimal.


Comments are welcomed.

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    2021.11.23 10:39 (UTC+0)

    Could you specify the times at which s3 would change and how long it will last 

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    2021.11.23 15:11 (UTC+0)

    I've enjoyed all your hero concept posts, thanks for bringing your creativity and ideas! 

    I like the s3, it's interesting that it's time-based so you can plan when you want to use this hero haha! I think we need more anti revive or extinction heroes, so I enjoyed this one, and it places restraints on heroes like arby who revive with full focus and 100% cr 

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    2021.11.25 16:33 (UTC+0)

    s3 depend on player's local time 🤮 🤮 

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