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Aternos is looking for some active members! Come Join! [1]

Guild Name: Aternos

Region/Server: Global

Level: 20

Arena Rank: Masters+

Description: Generally chill guild, I the Captain am not that strict when it comes to rules, and only expect you to do what you are told/what the general vice captains expect. This includes donating to guild, aiding wyvern claws or runes, doing guild war, etc. I wont bother you about doing these tasks so long as you do them, but I will start booting those who begin to not do what they are supposed to.

GW Rank: Currently x5 and we usually reach high multipliers

Rules: All rules are in Discord server, you are required to join the discord server!

If you are inactive for 1 week straight (7 days) you are kicked w/o warning, UNLESS you tell me or a vice captain why you are on absence.

If you are interested, add me on Discord @[Czedric]9967

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    2021.11.27 11:05 (UTC+0)

    Tryied too add on you discord but somehow your tag doesn't work for me? add me Migyar#2264

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