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Suggestion Towards the next RTA Season

I'm sure everyone's said it one hundred million times, but with the recent survey I feel compelled to add to the noise of it all.
The next RTA Season should in some way incorporate at least one of these:
-Nerfs to some problematic heroes: Belian, Angel of Light Angelica, Rem, Violet, Rimuru, Landy, Carrot, Apocolypse Ravi.
-Implement at some point two prebansMy two cents is Challenger above.
-Make useage of the global hero and artifact bans.

I only managed to finish in Champion last season, and I made a conscious but silly decision to not adopt using any of the rats. I did not have fun, and we can easily say that it's my fault for not picking up dice heroes, but I'm sure many of you agree that dice wasn't fun even when you were playing it/against it.

While I do have an answer myself to many of these heroes, the bar they set for what a good Bruiser/DPS should do is far too high for most of the roster to hope to compare. Some of these heroes do their job too well, others are straight up 1v4 heroes, which balances badly against most other things released.

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