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[Asia] Snowball and 雪球 are recruiting

Guild Name: Snowball

Region / Server: Asia

Guild Level: 20

Slots Available: 8

Casual/Semi-Competitive Guild               
Requirements: Master 5 or higher

-Use all your guild war tokens

-Do world boss and donate proof of Courage   

Guild Name: 雪球

Region/Server: Asia

Guild Level: 5

Slots available: 5+ 

Competitive Guild        
Requirements: Champion 5 or higher (Preferably) 

-Use all your guild war tokens 

-Do world boss and donate proof of courage 

-Screenshots of your frequently used units along with their stats for review before joining us     


We're a friendly community, aiming to climb up the rankings. 

We have a very active core of guild members that provides opponent guild war defense information and help you with questions that you may have. 

Guild donations are not compulsory as we know it's hard to grind but do donate your proof of courage! 

Do join our guild discord! 
Everyone's a vice-captain here so you can always buy the gold and exp buffs!

If you're interested, hit us up on discord:

Smilawhile(hashtag)0114 (for Snowball)

Dreamcloud(hashtag)6550 (for 雪球)

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