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Team preset sorting system [2]

what u guys think? I oftenly forgot which team are for what cause how disorganize it is, and this is somewhat a nightmare to people with a slight ocd problem like me :'( would be nice if we can just sort it manually by dragging which team presets on top and such without having to make it from scratch and rename it.

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    2021.11.16 08:25 (UTC+0)

    "I oftenly forgot which team are for what"

    yet they're all labelled?

    "this is somewhat a nightmare to people with a slight ocd problem like me"

    if you were actually OCD you would just redo all your teams in the order that you want and rename them. which is what you should do now.

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    작성자 2021.11.19 08:15 (UTC+0)

    I swear man, people on this forum cant take even a lil suggestion about anything, always looking for something to rebuked. 

    Yes i labelled them but sometimes i changed it based on situation, like i used lab 3 team on lab 1 cause i remove some lab 3 team gears, or i use challenge team and change it to fit my arena opponents, so it kinda messed up especially if theres no order, if we can change the order we can manage it like we want to remember in our mind.

    I did many times redo it and rename it till i got confused which one is what, hence the suggestion and why when i labelled it just adding more confusion. And i said a slight ocd, i just feel uneasy seeing anything not in order but i dont feel like dying cause of it, most of times i'll just left it there and not seeing it and make myself busy with another thing.

    You dont need to challenge me or debate me, its just my suggestion cause i find it difficult for me and i write here to see if anyone also care about the current team presets.

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