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Epic 7 OST release! [1]

Will such a thing ever be possible? 

While this game is incredible on it's own (The developers are amazing - They seem to be using our funds to actually improve the game and add fun new elements, instead of hording it, which is why I think I've purchased every current Shop item, haha. Of course, to be able to draw top voice actors like Matthew Mercer and others, Stove/Epic 7 is something truly special. Perhaps Laura Bailey is right around the corner, I've already suggested to my friend Georgia (Van Cuylenberg) that she might enjoy an opportunity to voice a character, if extended. :P) the music itself also helps to make this such a masterful game.

I usually run this app on Bluestacks in the evening, not to run any sort of macros or anything, but so that I can use the music to help me sleep, and it really does help! It seems that as the game advances, the music gets even better!

So, please consider putting out an OST, I would love to throw money at you guys.

In gratitude for such an amazing game,

Nicolescu from Japan

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    2021.11.18 01:52 (UTC+0)

    Hello Axxcellion! Thank you for enjoying Epic Seven. The good news is that we upload OST to our official YouTube channel. Search [Epic Seven l BGM]  playlist!

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