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[ASIA] Join Inbobi Epic Seven Community Today!

  • miraclenight
  • 2021.11.03 17:04 (UTC+0)
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Inbobi Community [ASIA]

===Here is what we have to offer you!===-Been around since DAY 1 of launch, expect multiple experienced perspective to guide you in your progress.
-We have a fairly large community that consists of 3 guilds to suit your current war standards.
-Big community = Expedition Level 3 SPAM
-We encourage newbies to join us in learning the game, even if you are not joining our guilds.
-We are also a community in affiliation with more than 10 guilds of different standards!

===Our Main Guilds!===
-Inquisi [Top 30]
-Tsubomi [Rank 150 - 200] x5 reward tier
-Hanabi [Rank 150 - 300] x5 reward tier


We occasionally have GIVEAWAYS and host non-meta/meta RTA TOURNAMENTS with prizes
We also have various bots and different channels for discussion and entertainment.

Be active and engaging in the discord server, it aint fun if theres no talk right?
Use all 3 tokens in wars! I mean thats why you're looking here!
Have progression in the game no matter how small. Its good morale.
Each guild has their own standardized requirements.
We will let you know if you plan on joining the guilds.

What we believe is there is no need to be in the same guilds as long as we all enjoy the same content together and keeping this E7 community alive!

For more info, join the Discord with the link below:

Inbobi Discord Link @ https://discord.gg/FVBKQEp

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