Epic Seven x Tensura Collaboration!
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Epic Seven x Tensura Collaboration! [209]

Epic Seven x That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Collaboration!


Who are the unexpected visitors in the world of Orbis?  

Find out in the 10/28 (Thu) Update Notice!


Coming Soon!



※ For more details please check the Update Notice on STOVE


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HOLY S************* !!
the TRUE COLLAB We're waiting for !!
not the Side collab that is Re:Zero 


Rimuru (!.!)

i ran out of skystone (T.T)


Omg yes.


Why no Shion? Do you WANT to make money? 

make gobta a free unit

while i'm happy for this collab, and prefer it much more than re:betamale, what I really want is a collab with a western IP.  Overwatch would be a dream come true.  D.Va, Mercy, Reinhardt, Genji, Hanzo, Ashe, Tracer, soo many options, you couldn't go wrong.  Just give Activision some company shares and options, SG.  BK_Kenny's company can help with the paperwork :D 

it'll never happen, but a kid can dream.

as far as an anime goes, i preferred it over re:zero.  i am far more positive about this collab than the last. 

just hope they release an special bookmark pack(s) for summons.  

Let’s celebrate-

Evasion units has just got me so tilted istg

Oh, I was on vacation (hospital), so I don’t know what I’ve missed. But heyyyy that’s pretty cool. Maybe I’ll pull, who knows.

I hope it's Rimuru

Yay!! Yay! Looking forward to it~

Can't wait 😁🙂

time for some action

ReZero, Summer Iseria, Landy, and Luna now followed by a new collab. Y'all really trying to strong arm people into buying Skystone with all these limited banners. Not going to lie, feeling a little salty about this.


Veldora, Milim, Rimuru please. I will spend real money to see those 3 come to e7 PLEASE

Enjoy your **** ****

I really hope they put Rimuru in. This is the collab to go for alright!

well crap looks like im about to lose money again lol

Lel, if they could make gobta, it would be gold 😂🔥

Thats an old anime tho, coulda went wit shield hero or Gate

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