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Guild Recruitment

BBB BBA BBC Global Recruiting Players of all stages in the game

BBB (BiggestBaddestBitches) a Top 100 Guild  and BBAcademy are recruiting new players! ○ Multiple Champion Level RTA Players here to help you get stronger  

○ RTA Tournaments 

○ Looking for Masters+ RTA players or Champion Arena 

○ Send pictures of your favorite unit's gear 

○ Pref Active on Discord 

○ Wyvern Claw Donations only 


BBCasuals was made for any new players who want to join a guild with a Community with end game players to help you progress your account.    

○ 5x Guild War Rewards 

○ Farming Wyvern 13 Masters Arena 

○ Pref Active on Discord 

○ Wyvern Claw Donations only 


If you need any advice we have plenty of Champion RTA level players that are here to help you :). We are a peculiar bunch of weebs, normies, and loving degenerates It's all fun and games here at BBB Hope to see you chatting with us soon DM me for discord link if you’re interested. Alex(StrangerGMA)#1368 


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