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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Global / Kolio / 103] [1]

Abyss 103:


notes: Achates need at least 125 effect resistance with the additional 50% eff resistance buff from her exclusive equipment S3 to resist debuffs from Dingo. It is important that Achates is in the lead position for this strategy and she is able to tank significant amount of damage with her invincibility and healing.

both Kluri and Kiris need 60% effectiveness to apply their debuffs at the highest success rate.

this team may take multiple tries in the scenario that kiris or kluri fail to poison/dispel Dingo in his 2nd phase. you don't have to match the stats listed above but a general idea of where they should be, kluri for example has way more stats than she really need especially in speed.

in this team composition, celeste and kluri are the replaceable units.  Units with large amounts of AoE damage can replace celeste such as Belian or Landy. As for Kluri you need a solid dispeller for the 2nd phase Dingo, additional hard control debuffs like stuns or taunts is a bonus for wave 1.


Wave 1


the entire strategy in wave 1 is to play around this passive ability. If left unchecked each of the mouses can endless respawn more and more mouses. Killing them all at once is ideal.

At the start just unload all your skill combo of kluri skill 3, Kiris S3 into S1 combo into the boss to kill him as fast as possible. As you're doing this keep celeste healthy so she can keep using her skill 2 AoE attack so you can line them all up for a kill. Achates should always be using skill 2 then skill 3 on her self to keep everyone healthy.

once the boss is dead a new one will take his place so focus the new healthy mouse. In the scenario in which the last mouse is alive and has his skill ready, use kluri's skill 3 to taunt him to prevent him from summoning more. Make sure you have kiris' skills ready before you move onto the next wave since you want to do as much damage as possible before Blaze Dingo changes phases.

Wave 2:

Phase 1:
Blaze Dingo starts off pretty easy and simple since you can ignore most of his mechanics with the kiris poison strategy but do keep in mind that if your team is buffed, blaze dingo will gain a lot of combat readiness so avoid using celeste's skill 3 here or any units that applies buffs that isn't achates as you still need to heal yourself of course. this is also why kluri should have aurius so her barrier from her skill tree won't be an issue.

Here all you have to do is dump all the poison damage from Kiris skill 3 into skill 1 combo into Blaze dingo. Kluri can skill 3 at the start if available but she must have it ready once Blaze dingo transforms into Dingo. Celeste should use skill 1 for more damage.

Phase 2:

Hopefully at this point you've dealt enough damage and kluri was able to dispel and Defense break Dingo. Achates effect Resistance also comes into play since Dingo gains stun with his AoE attack now. Keep damaging him with poison if you're able and use arky for reach damage. If you take too long he will end up killing you. You ignore cidd the entire fight.

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    2021.11.01 11:37 (UTC+0)

    Thanks for this!

    I couldn't replicate it with Fluri, cause I couldn't get over phase 1 so I used Dizzy instead of her.

    I leave my clear here if anyone ever search for this :)


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