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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Global / 4V3K41 / Floor 120]

  • RANK70
  • 4V3K41[avekal]
  • 2021.10.17 02:17 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 75

I followed YouTube videos on how clear this floor with Taranor guard (TG), Kitty Clarissa, Adventurer Ras, and Tamarinne, making use of the constant defense break and combat readiness push when ** dual attacks from the other’s skills. You can rush through Lilibet still with Taranor guard if you have the artifact, Symbol of Unity, which will increase TG’s chance of hitting Lilibet who is an Earth unit. Save your burst before Straze gets his first skill 3 and time it when he’s close to transforming to Faustus so you don’t suffer to greatly from consecutive skill 3s. But luck is still a major player in this floor like hitting Lilibet and landing defense breaks fast enough. Same thing with Straze.

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