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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Europe / BillyBizmo / 120]

Tamarinne with high effect resistance (200~), about 200 or higher speed, and Rod of Amaryllis.

Kitty Clarissa with 85~ effectiveness, high speed (250+), and War Horn.

Adventurer Ras with 85+ effectiveness, 215+ speed, and Aurius.

All three as tanky as possible with those stats.

Taranor Guard on Rage set with good damage, high effectiveness (75+), and Symbol of Unity

First round focus Lilibet and build souls for round 2 against Straze.

Second round focus Straze and only hitting the adds if you don't want to cr push Straze.

Soul burn A.Ras s2 or Tamarinne s1 if need healing.

There is a debuff after using non-attack skills that stuns if using 2 non-attack skills in a row. So if use non-attack skill like Kitty S3 or Tammarine Heal/Transform, use attack skill next turn to get rid of debuff.

Hope A.Ras lands def break and GL!

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