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DJB deserves a rework [17]

  • STOVE141530216
  • 2021.10.14 03:35 (UTC+0)
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Seems like every unit being released has buff strip and debuffers like AOL, Politis, Ftene that shuts down your entire team, healers and cleansers are getting the shaft.

In comes Deser Jewel Basar, an ML 5 star that’s design to combat debuffers, but yet he falls victim to their shenanigans.

If he gets silenced/slept/stunned he’s dead in the water, if they have Politis on the team, he becomes a liability.

His stats are so bad, he’s not design to be on 2 turn team, if you build him with eff-res he becomes paper thin, and won’t last til turn 2, not to mention that he’s still likely to get debuffed, because you can’t scale as much as debuffers.

And if he happens to get off an S3 and that gets stripped well it might as well be a 3v4 match because his S1 and S2 are near useless.

Debuffers gets immunity to to certain debuffs, why can’t cleanser get the same love?

In the current meta he’s worse off than a free connection hero.

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    2021.10.14 03:52 (UTC+0)

    I problem with him from the start of the game was his weak base hp and his healing scales with attack like SG probably wanted him to be a damage dealing,ER healer but failed badly.He needs another buff like attack or defense on his s3 as just immunity buff is not enough in current meta.

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    2021.10.14 04:02 (UTC+0)

    how about skill nuli at s3? or even party invincible like carmin?

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    2021.10.14 04:07 (UTC+0)

    When the s3 is currently available he receives less damage from Critical Attacks. What about if they added "and is immune to silence", this way he can still be shut down after he's had his turn, or if he's stunned, but it gives more opportunity to get out that first cleanse. 

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    2021.10.14 06:26 (UTC+0)

    I know he is just trash, you can see the new hero Ran can do the Job of DJB and more, is more easy start and grant inmunity to the team (Ran 129 speed and DJB 108) without mention that DJB will be dead weight until he uses again his S3 with 5 turn CD (max mola) meanwhile Ran can use his S2 with 4 turn CD (max mola) and later remove 2 buff from enemies besides of do damage with his S3

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    2021.10.14 10:18 (UTC+0)

    What I don't get is why his damage reduction on S3 falls off after using it. I mean sure, his S3 is hella loaded but the way he is designed he feels like a bruiser support. His S2 scales mostly off of target max HP, resulting in tanky teams getting the most benefit from his heals. 

    Yet on the other hand he lacks the endurance for such a team due to his mediocre star sign and damage reduction falling off after S3. Also part of his heal scales with his own attack - why???

    At this point I feel they should make him a full bruiser support. Give him more endurance, remove that nonsensical attack scaling on his heal, maybe give him a little bit more base speed and he should be ready to go as a turn two team support.

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    2021.10.14 15:17 (UTC+0)

    That's why I think his S3 CD should be reduced by 1 whenever he's hit with an extra attack like Rem or Politis.

    Also bonus to HP and ER from s2.

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    2021.10.15 14:44 (UTC+0)

    Ok After ML kawerik buff,there is no point in using DJB as ML Kawerik does DJB's job better

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