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Brinus and Laika? [6]

With the teaser for Vildred's teacher the other day and his upcoming reveal, does that mean we are going to already move on to episode 4 characters and we are going to not get any more episode 3 characters? Both Brinus and Laika have animated models, sprites and ultimates, so I thought we'd be getting them before episode 4 stuff started coming out. Unless it's just a way to hype up episode 4 before rounding out the rest of the episode 3? 

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    2021.10.13 02:45 (UTC+0)

    I think they Will be released later. The animation and the story is done 

    E7 take things too slow, they need to release those unit if they want to keep the game alive 

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    2021.10.13 10:35 (UTC+0)


    We got Alencia during Ep 2 when she wasn't even part of the story. Brinus and Laika will be released once SG is done with their kits.

    So people just need to chill. It's not like they never release chars that have models and and animations. 

    Besides thank goodness they didn't. I've grown sick of the Mecha girls they've been shoving down our faces- Landy, Flan, Kanna.

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