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Character Concept [4]

Judge/Magistrate Kayron (Theif, Gemini) (Or any Judge equivalent character.)

S1: Weak Point:

Attacks the target, with a 100%* chance to target the enemy for 2 turns. If the enemy is already inflicted with target, inflict defense break for 2 turns instead. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster's effectiveness.

S2: Jurisdiction:

Before the battle begins, if the enemy is not an elite or boss monster, prevent all (including allied) abilities that occur at the beginning of the game from happening. When suffering an attack that targets all allies, reduces damage dealt to the caster by 90%*. Immune to provoke and redirected provoke.

S3: Stand Trial: (4* turn Cooldown)

Attacks the enemy, inflicting Judgement for 3 turns on the enemy and dealing damage proportional to the caster's effectiveness. While Judgement is inflicted on the enemy, the caster can only attack that unit and while an ally capable of being attacked still remains, the caster cannot be selected for as a target for attacks.

- Judgement: Provokes the enemy. Reduces damage taken from attacks that target all enemies by 90%. Cannot be targeted by units other than J/M Kayron. Cannot be dispelled or transferred. If Judgement is present upon the death of the unit, inflicts extinction.

*mola stats

Thoughts on the character:

- Kinda just a fun concept I came up with in my free time. 

This is definitely a PvP unit in design. Since there are so many abilities that give benefits at the beginning of the turn (FCC barrier, guiding light, fury/rage meter, tagahels), it might be interesting to have a character to negate those abilities right from the get go. Of course, it could be resisted (everything abides by the rule of 15% after all), yet this kind of kit has the potential to change up the Meta and how people approach fights. Originally the S2 only affected the enemy team, but since I thought that was kinda busted, I altered it to afflict both teams instead. I also saw a couple people talking about a duelist-type of unit, which I feel would be an a mazing concept, so I added parts of that into the S3 and S2 since I think it adds well to the theme. I do think that just alienating the two units involved in the duel (trial) into their own universe is a little cheap, so I did allow for some outside influence to impact the characters. You can still stun or sleep both units, as well as inflict them with other various debuffs, so I do not think its too bad. You can also still cleanse and buff these units, as well as damage them a little, but the majority of the fight rests between the two. The extinction is a nice little thematic touch: losing to the "trial" being equivalent to capital punishment without bail (revive). I have a lot to talk about for this character, but I think part of the fun is theorizing what is possible to achieve with different stat lines and team compositions.

Honestly love this game a lot, and that's part of the reason I spent so much time designing this character. While I don't think many will see this, I would love for comments and suggestions for this build, because I do think it can still be improved. This is still a fan build after all, not some guaranteed unit that will join the ranks of Arby and AOL. 

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    2021.10.13 00:07 (UTC+0)

    Overall decent idea.

    I believe players contributing ideas is good for the game - that's how DotA came to be.

    S1 is a bit strong, but okay.

    S2 makes sense, being a specific counter, situationally strong.

    Just too straightforward and lacks some interesting trait.

    S3 is like, J/M.K keep backstabbing the target .

    Undispellable 3 turn Provoke with 4 turn cd does not sound good :(

    And I suggest try not to introduce exclusive buffs/debuffs when designing a new hero.

    I introduced none from Hero Concept 1 to 6.

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