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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Global / MistParagon / 111]

First, I'd like to say.. If you reach this point, the path ahead is "comparatively" easier. Now, this floor is pretty straight forward with the comp i used. You need RNG luck(took me a couple of tries) and Symbol of Unity on Taranor Guard(Tg), in phase 2. Also, this floor can use a provoke based comp as well (in phase 2 it helps) but we'll go with this one. 

Prerequisites: Taranor Guard on Symbol of Unity(Rage set recommended otherwise high dmg set), Aras on aurius(85 eff), Tamarinne on Magaraha tome or Shimadra staff(85 eff recommended), Kclarrisa on War horn(high speed, high res build) 

Phase 1: Focus fire on boss only. Remember to use aras s2 only on soul burn. 

Phase 2: If you miss on mui, she cleanses herself, increases stackable stacks for entire team and counters. So, you have to pray here to miss as less as possible. Keep focusing down Mui(dual attacks galore), don't use aras s3 when enemy mobs have evasion. Also don't hit mui with taranor guard directly if he's on low health (as in on ** turn be careful when hitting her, but dual attacks are fine). With this comp you should aim to get her to 40% hp before she can s3. At 40% hp, she'll force s3 and here's where the fight usually goes awry for most players. She grants her entire team buffs and the mobs do a lot of damage on their skills(jump attack scary), so u have to burst her down asap. Tamarinne on idol mode s1 dispels buff so 85 effectiveness on her is recommended for this part. Also, arky doesn't works on her so don't waste your souls with that. 

Final thoughts: It is a bit of a rng comp but it's a faster comp than provoke. I tried provoke comps too, but honestly, they have a lot of rng too.. If you have fmaya built, provoke comps might work for you. There's plenty of videos on youtube for this too so go check them out if this doesn't works. I'd say the hardest for me in 111-120 are -> 119>115>111..so u have something to look forward too xD. Good luck. 

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