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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Global / epic7#zu3y8o / 102] ft AOL

As an early game player, my gears are not very good. Tried many different setups but all failed due to RNG. When I tried AOL, this floor turned out to be fun and easy to control.

Units: G. Purrgis (with highest ATK and HP in the team), AOL, Achates(level50), Kiris(level50)

Stage 1: 

(1) Kiris: S3-S1-S2 to Rikoris (note: when Rikoris is attacked, Gigantes' CR is pushed. Thus avoid to attack Rikoris except for Kiris)

(2) AOL: use Abyssal Crown artifact, try to keep silencing and stunning the Gigantes and Hazel. When Gigantes is silenced and stunned, use AOL's S1 to push back its CR so that it is stunned forever. When Rikoris uses AOE, AOL will cleanse all provokes and provide skill nullifier.

(3) G. Purrgis: try to provoke Hazel

(4) Achates: hit Hazel and heal. S2 can also reduce the cool down for Kiris.

Stage 2:

(1) In each turn, check the number on Celine before any moves. This number will change every time when Celine is attacked.
     It's better to keep it on "1" or "3".

(2) Use Achates' S2 to set invincibility on Purrgis as soon as the skill is ready. 

(3) When the number on Celine and the invincibility on Purrgis are good, all non-attack skills are recommended since the team CR is pushed when Purrgis got hit by Celine's counter. 

(4) AOL: silence and stun the robots. Note the S3 is a non-attack skill and will trigger Celine's counter.

(5) G. Purrgis: the lower speed the better, so that the invincibility is longer. Try to provoke the robots.

(6) Kiris: S3-S1-S2 to Celine. Note that S1 and S2 will change Celine's number and S3 will trigger Celine's counter.
     Thus, check beforehand.

(7) Arky is also good to use when it is close to or below 40% HP of Celine. But be careful since it will also change Celine's number.

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