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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Asia / Delterøs / Floor 102]


*General Purgiss (Proof of Valor or Sepulcrum): Must have the highest ATK and HP in the team. You can raise his DEF to make him tankier but it is not mandatory like the other two.

*Achates (Magahara's Tome): above 200 is required. the faster the better. stats should be your generic soul weaver.

*Ruele of Light (Water's Origin): there might be better artifact other than WO, but tbh I didn't change anything in my Ruele. just your generic Ruele builds would be fine in this floor, though as same as Achates, the faster the better.

*Kiris (Guiding Light/Proof of Valor): around 200 speed and equal to or higher than 75% effectiveness. make her as tanky as possible.

[Wave 1]

- Land all the poison to Rikoris

- For other attacks, land it all to Hazel

- DO NOT use your aoes. Just use single attack.

- Time you Achates' aoe heal when Rikoris is about to use his ult.

[Wave 2]

- This is actually not RNG hell like how people used to tell. There's just a pattern on it that you must know. Celine have an indicator above her head, and these indicators have a meaning. If it's on (1) she will focus on your highest ATK unit. If it's on (2) then she will attack randomly. Lastly if it's on (3) she will focus on your highest HP unit. These indicators changes whenever you attack Celine, and dual attack counts on the change so that's the RNG in this stage. What you must avoid is to let Celine stay on (2) because if she happen to kill your Kiris early on then it's GG. The tip here is to keep her on (1) and (3) because it will make her attack General Purrgis only. It's a free combat readiness for your team.

- You can also put invincibility buff to General Purrgis via Achates or Ruele of Light to make sure he will not die.

- Celine will heal herself when she's around 30% hp and the robots will force her to use her blinks more often, so you need to be careful when landing the poison while also making sure that you land it as fast as possible. Good luck!

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