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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Asia/LuvRavi/Floor 120]

111-120(except 115): can easily be dealt with Taranor Guard, so all you need to do is build him as the main dps. The stat require for ** is pretty cheap since his imprint already have Crit chance and no mola needed, he don't need any speed, just give him ~85% eff and rage set if you can, as many atk as posible, no sustain is needed on him than you are good to go.

+ His best team mate are: Tamarine, Aras and Kitty Clarisa since they all give him dual atk and sustain. A small tip on doing abyss is to it on free unequip event because if you don't have these heroes build you can **** gears between your heroes, and lv50 is enough to clear these chalenges.

+ Every floor have it's own mechanic, so take your time and read the boss skill and the mob skill as well, then when you're ready and well prepare you'll know what to do.

+ If a floor is too hard and you don't know what to do just see other players team comp from the guide ingame, or watch our youtuber on how to clear it.

That's it, give it your best shot!


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