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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Global / RainZeroX / 117]

Tips for floor 117!

Team composition and builds

  • Kitty Clarissa
    • 85% effectiveness, then as fast and bulky as possible (e.g. 250+ speed)
    • Artifact is War Horn
  • Adventurer Ras
    • 85% effectiveness, and then as fast and bulky as possible (e.g. 220+ speed)
    • Artifact is Aurius
  • Tamarinne
    • 85% effectiveness, decent effect resistance (e.g. 100%+), and then as fast and bulky as possible (e.g. 200+ speed)
    • Artifact is Magahara's Tome
  • Landy
    • Speed DPS build (e.g. 200+ speed, 3k+ attack, 270%+ critical hit damage) with a little bulk (e.g. 12k hp, 1k def)
    • Artifact is Bloodstone (important)


  • Wave 1
    • Just play normally and build up souls. Kill the minions first before killing the boss.
  • Wave 2
    • Focus Vivian and prioritize removing her buffs (e.g. using Ras S1, Kitty Clarissa S2 and Tamarinne idol S1)
    • Minimize using non-attack skills when Vivian has buffs since using two in a row triggers her S2 AOE attack, which does a lot of damage and can stun. Bloodstone on Landy should help keep your team healthy.
    • Try to put up defense buff using Ras S3 before Vivian uses her S2
    • Soulburn Landy's S3 to cycle it faster. Can also soulburn Tamarinne S1 for healing and Ras S2 for more dual attacks.

Good luck!

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