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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Asia / Lunelle / 110]

Only the real one grants Aramintha skill nullifier

So just wait for them to use their skills and keep hitting Aramintha until you identify which one uses skill null

Team I used: A.ras, Stene, Amomo, Diene

Aras and specter should have 100% crit and 85% effectiveness

Amomo, Diene I believe was 180-200 eff res to resist burns

If you can, try not to "turn-off" the magma guardians at the same time, Turn the first one off and wait for it to cycle to "1" then turn off the 2nd guardian. 

Make it so you're only dealing with only one "turn-on" guardian at a time when they cycle out.

You can ignore Aramintha until both guardians are dead. Keep immunity on Aras and Stene by burning aras s2 when possible

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