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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Global / GodKabuto / 108]

First Wave(x4 Mobs)

- Put the battle on auto mode then when you nearly win close all the hero skill

Second Wave(Melissa)
- Dizzy is having the highest hp, higher than tama so that she will get focus by Melissa s3
- Make sure you use x5 non attack skill for me i use Kiris s3 x1, Iseria s2 x1 on Tammerin afterTammerin use S3 x1 and S2 x1 after getting reset from Iseria use s2 again that make it x5 non attack
- Use Guardian Kromcruz to get more skill cd
- Focus all poison on Melissa after using x5 non attack to lift the curse

Good Luck Heirs!

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